How to Mute Someone on Twitter

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
May 13, 2014

On Monday afternoon, Twitter announced that you can now mute people you follow on the social media network, a change that may finally make Donald Trump irrelevant.

The mute function means you won’t see that person’s tweets in your timeline, or get notifications of his activity. Unlike blocking, the person can still interact with your tweets; you just won’t be notified of said interactions.

Perhaps you’ve already used the feature. Or maybe you’re just now considering it. For those of you yearning for a less troll-y timeline, here’s a quick tutorial:

On your desktop
You can mute a person from two different locations: individual tweets and profiles.

The first will probably be the most naturally occurring mute location, as you can make a snap judgment as soon as someone says something annoying in your feed.

To mute from your timeline, simply click the More button on the bottom-right corner of a tweet. 

Then just click Mute.

Perhaps you’ve just gotten in a fight with someone and would prefer not to be reminded of it when looking at your feed. To mute an individual, go to his profile and click the tool icon below his profile picture. 

Then click Mute.

On your phone
To mute a person straight from a tweet, tap the three dots at the bottom-right corner of the message. 

A menu will appear. Select the mute option. Or block him. Doesn’t matter to me!

To do the same from a person’s profile, tap the tool icon, this time on the left below the person’s profile photo.

Select the first option that pops up.

And that’s how you do it, folks. Use it wisely. Or recklessly! Just don’t mute the messenger.

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