How to Get Yahoo Finance Stories by Email


Since the day I joined Yahoo in 2013, one question has burned on the lips of many a reader:

How can I get your articles sent to me sent automatically, by email?

It’s a reasonable question. At Yahoo Finance, we post five or ten new articles every day, but you’ll miss them unless you remember to visit this site each day. Wouldn’t it be easier if the stories you wanted came to you automatically by email?

Why, yes. Yes it would.

Today, right this minute, you can start having summaries of my videos and articles — or any Finance author's — sent to you by email. This feature is brought to you by a free service called Blogtrottr.

Once you’ve set it up, you’ll get the headline, photo, and a description of articles sent to you, like this:


(Oh — and an ad. Blogtrottr has to make money somehow.)

Just click the headline to open the full article on Yahoo Finance.

Ready? Here are the steps:

1. Visit

(Update: If you'd rather get email notifications without ads, I've found that works very similarly.)

Either way, you'll now see something like this:


2. In the first box, paste the "RSS address" of the author whose stuff you want to get by email.

For my stories (David Pogue), paste in this:

For Rick Newman's stories, paste:

You can use the same pattern for any of our authors. Just insert that person's name (ady-serwer, daniel-roberts, daniel-howley, julia-laroche, melody-hahm, and so on) in the first-last spot:

Technically speaking, these are our RSS feeds. (An RSS feed is a time-honored system of receiving article summaries from your choice of news websites.) What Blogtrottr does is convert them into emails.


3. In the second box, type your email address.
That’s where Blogtrottr will send your notifications.


4. From the pop-up menu, specify how often you want to get the emails.
You can choose once-an-hour updates (“Realtime”) or once every two hours, four, eight, 12 or 24 hours. If there are no new stories during that interval, you won’t get any mail. If there are several, they’ll all be collected into one email for that period.

5. Click Feed Me.
And that’s all there is to it! The next time new stories by your favorite author appear on Yahoo Finance, Blogspottr will send you a note by email.

It’s a great trick that works well, costs nothing, and ensures that you won’t miss any Yahoo Finance wit or wisdom.

Blogtrotter works on any site or page that has an RSS feed. You can get a regular email from almost blog or news site there is. Just put the site’s main address into Blogtrotter.

For more on using RSS feeds for our stories, click here

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