How to Get iPhone Alerts on Your Mac Screen

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Put your phone away while at work on your Mac and never miss a message. That’s thanks to a new app for iOS and Macs called Notifyr. It brings iOS updates to your Mac’s screen so you don’t have to keep glancing at your phone.

Connecting your Apple devices via Bluetooth Low Energy, the app ($3.99 for iOS, free for Mac OS) displays notifications from your connected phone on your Mac’s screen. The alerts will pop up in the top-right corner, just like they do in OS’s Notification Center. You’ll need to install the app on your phone and computer for Notifyr to work, and the app also requires an iPhone 4s or newer and Macs that support Bluetooth LE.

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Compared with Apple’s existing notifications system, which already displays your iMessages when you’re signed in to the same Apple ID on both devices, Notifyr shows alerts from more sources. 9to5Mac reported that Notifyr works with alerts from Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and SMS to incoming calls, missed calls, and voicemails. You can also read messages from WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other third-party app, Notifyr says on the app’s info page. Through Notifyr on the Mac, you can mute notifications for specific programs so you don’t get bombarded by distracting reminders and receive just the ones that matter to you.

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