Hollywood's The Viper Room Amps Up with dBTechnologies

 DBTechnologies amp up Hollywood's The Viper Room.
DBTechnologies amp up Hollywood's The Viper Room.

Hollywood's The Viper Room has been rocking the famed Sunset Strip for nearly 30 years. The likes of Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Stone Temple Pilots, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Weezer, Maroon 5, Iggy Pop and Sheryl Crow have all shared the venue's stage. Long powered by dBTechnologies VIO Series, the Viper Room recently upgraded  to the latest dBTechnologies VIO C12 2-way active line-source loudspeakers for future generations of concert goers.

"We loved our existing VIO L208 system, and when it was time for an upgrade, we immediately thought of dBTechnologies,” said Tommy Black, general manager for The Viper Room. Black added that dBTechnologies dedication to customer service was a deciding factor for this upgrade. “dBTechnologies provide systems for much bigger venues, festivals, and tours, but they still make the time for us. They call, they check in, they come by, and they’re great with artists,” Black commented. “dBTechnologies gets customer service so they were the natural first choice for our upgrade.”

Don Bish, system integrator, suggested the VIO C12s after using it successfully at outdoor festivals. “We figured that if the VIO series performed well at 20,000 attendee festivals they’d kill it at the Viper Room,” he commented. “But a night club is much different than an amphitheater so putting a powerful VIO speaker array into a space like this had to be done carefully. The dBTechnologies VIO C12s didn’t disappoint, the installation was seamless and now the club sounds better than ever.”

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The Viper Room attributes the significantly upgraded sound they’ve achieved to the ability to contour the response of each individual VIO C12 box for the room’s unique acoustics.

“The Viper Room posed some challenges. It’s a smaller space, with low ceiling height and reflective surfaces. dBTechnologies Aurora Net software made a big difference,” Bish explains. “We were able to fine tune individual EQ and amplification power settings on each loudspeaker to get it perfect for the room…and the result is a seamless sound field with no boominess or harsh reflections.”

dBTechnologies amp up Hollywood's The Viper Room.
dBTechnologies amp up Hollywood's The Viper Room.

The Viper Room prides itself on being one of the best sounding rooms on the West Coast and believe their recent upgrade to VIO C12 loudspeakers has only further secured their status as the go-to venue on the Sunset Strip for intimate performances by A-list acts and record label and talent agency showcases for the best new talent.

Performances through the Viper Room’s new VIO C12 sound system have included acts as varied as the Jonas Brothers, the Kid Laroi, Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day, and even OTTTO and Bastardane, whose parents, members of Metallica, were seen in the audience. From the performing artists, to front of house engineers, to fans in the audience the response has been phenomenal.

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“Night after night, we hear from the audience what an amazing sound the club has and managers and agencies frequently ask to spotlight their artists here,” commented Black. “Between the great sound provided by our dBTechnologies VIO C12 system and the cachet of the venue, it’s a winning combination.”

Black concluded that it’s the VIO C12’s ease of use and reliability that keeps the Viper Room loyal to the brand. “Our dBTechnologies VIO C12 system just works. It's consistent, sounds great, and everyone who comes through here knows how to operate it,” said Black. “With the kind of talent we host, we've got a million things to think about, but it’s comforting to know that the sound system isn't one of them. dBTechnologies is the type of company you want to stay loyal to.”