Here’s When Hogwarts Legacy PS5 Early Access Starts

Here's When Hogwarts Legacy PS5 Early Access Starts
Here's When Hogwarts Legacy PS5 Early Access Starts

With Hogwarts Legacy PS5 early access arriving in less than a week, Warner Bros. and developer Avalanche Software have finally revealed when PlayStation console owners will be able to start playing the game. Those who have purchased the 72-hour early access via the Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition can begin their wizarding adventures at midnight on February 7.

Hogwarts Legacy can be accessed a bit earlier on the US West Coast

As revealed in the tweet (posted above) from the official Twitter account for the game, the only exception to the midnight release for early access looks to be the Pacific time zone in the United States. The global map shows that players in Los Angeles (and most likely the broader region at large) can begin playing the game at 9 pm PST on February 6.

It’s unclear at this time whether players in the US who are in the Mountain or Central time zones will also have their start time for early access pulled ahead, but it looks likely.

As a reminder, these release times for early access only apply to digital pre-orders. The physical editions can be played once players have a copy. We recommend pre-loading Hogwarts Legacy from the PlayStation Store, so you don’t have to wait to download the game (which will be about 79 GB) while everyone else is trying to do the same at midnight.

PS5 owners will also enjoy a head start on the game relative to PC players, whose early access begins ten hours later at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST on February 7. Those who have the standard edition of the game will have to wait three days later on February 10 (or 9 pm PST on February 9 in the Pacific time zone) before they can start the game.

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