The new Hisense U9N Mini-LED TV is a scary bright at 5,000 nits

 Hisense U9N TV on stand in living room.
Hisense U9N TV on stand in living room.

Hisense is pulling out all the stops this year, highlighting the “big screen, big value” mantra on its 2024 TV lineup with the launch of the Hisense U9N Mini-LED TV.

At the forefront of the U9N’s laundry list of features is its peak brightness potential of 5,000 nits, a meteoric number that puts it among the top of its class. It will also come equipped with over 5,300 dimming zones and an anti-glare ultra low reflection panel for wide-angle viewing.

The U9N may also find itself among the best gaming TVs thanks to its swath of supported technologies, like AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, Auto Game Mode, and Dolby Vision Gaming, all built on a 144Hz native refresh rate panel.

Coming in at only 75-inch and 85-inch, the Hisense U9N Mini-LED TV debuts at $2,999 and $3,999, respectively, making this quite the home entertainment upgrade. At least it arrives just in time for the NBA Playoffs.

Going big and brighter

Hisense is known to deliver some stellar brightness specs on its displays, as seen most recently on the U8N Mini-LED TV, which literally broke a brightness record in our lab tests with a whopping 3,469 peak nits in standard content. Thus, 5,000 nits on its brand new U9N Mini-LED TV might not be too far off, but we’ll have to wait until it's in our hands for real-world testing.

To keep that brightness from bleeding, there's 5,300+ dimming zones, which will give it expert control over whites and darks in certain scenes. Hisense has gifted the U9N its AI-infused Hi-View Engine X chip, which will do everything from upscaling content for 4K viewing to fine tuning colors to the best of its abilities, and so much more.

The U9N is built on Google TV, allowing it instant access to a variety of content hubs and over 800 free channels. HDR technologies also round out its potential as one of the best TVs this year, including HDR10+, IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Vision IQ.

For those concerned about needing to pair the Hisense U9N Mini-LED TV with one of the best soundbars, don’t fret. This display is kitted with a 82W 4.1.2-channel speaker for immersive audio performance, which is ramped up even more thanks to Hisense’s CineStage X Surround sound software.

Gaming didn’t take a back seat either, with the U9N leveraging AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, Auto Game Mode, and Dolby Vision Gaming, all built on a native 144Hz refresh rate for serious potential in all things PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC experiences. It’ll also have an ATSC 3.0 tuner for NextGen TV access and WiFi 6E for future-proofed networking.

The Hisense U9N Mini-LED TV is set to officially launch in Summer 2024, and those interested can pick up the 75-inch model at $2,999 and the 85-inch model at $3,999 upon release at Best Buy.

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