Hisense shows off massively bright 98- and 100-inch TVs

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Hisense spokespeople present the company's new TVs at CES 2024.
Hisense spokespeople present the company’s new TV lineup at CES 2024. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

In case the theme of CES 2024 wasn’t yet apparent, Hisense’s announcement of its new TV lineup makes it clear: Bigger, brighter screens are what it’s all about this year. The company had already signaled that this would be the case when it gave us an early look at its astonishingly bright 10,000-nit, 110-inch 110UX mini-LED TV in December 2023.

Now that CES is here, Hisense has revealed yet more big and bright TVs, including a new 98-inch flagship ULED X model and a 100-inch QLED TV that we expect will set a new low price for giant screens.

Here’s the full rundown.

2024 Hisense 98UX

Hisense 98UX 98-inch mini-LED TV.

While the 110UX will likely only make its way into a few households, Hisense’s new 98-inch 98UX ULED X TV could prove very popular. It doesn’t quite reach the extraordinary brightness of the 110UX, but compared to almost any other TV, it’s still staggeringly brilliant at a claimed peak brightness of 5,000 nits — almost double Hisense’s brightest model from 2023.

The 98UX has 10,000 local dimming zones and a native refresh rate of 144Hz, which should offer plenty of speed for gamers and anyone who cares about ultra-smooth video. Hisense says the 88UX has a built-in 4.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos sound system, which means it has two up-firing speakers and two subwoofers in addition to its other drivers. It’s also ready for Dolby Atmos Flex Connect, which will give buyers the option of expanding their TV’s sound via additional wireless speakers — no AV receiver or soundbar needed.

Hisense says it will demo Dolby Atmos Flex Connect during CES 2024, our first opportunity to hear about this new technology in person.

2024 Hisense 110UX

Hisense 110UX ULED X mini-LED 4K TV.
The 110-inch Hisense ULEX X mini-LED TV is headed to CES 2024. Hisense

Hisense already released most of the details surrounding its enormous, super-bright 110UX, but as a reminder, this is a 110-inch, quantum dot, mini-LED 4K TV with a claimed 10,000 nits of peak brightness. Sunglasses are not included.

It’s driven by Hisense’s Hi-View Engine X AI chipset, which the company claims can recognize scene content and dynamically adjust in response for better clarity and immersion. It’s also one of the few TVs to claim nearly 100% coverage of the BT.2020 color space (95%, to be precise), which should futureproof the display for when we actually get access to content that takes advantage of this larger palette (today, most content is created for the smaller DCI-P3 color space).

Like the 98UX, the 110UX has a 4.2.2 sound system with Dolby Atmos Flex Connect.

2024 Hisense 75UX

Details are slim on this new ULED X model, as are its dimensions — it has a depth of less than 14 millimeters — making it Hisense’s thinnest mini-LED TV so far. The company says it has 5,000 dimming zones and an “X-Core Sensing Chip,” which apparently gives the TV something known as perceptive image rendering. Ambient Light Sensing Pro intelligently modifies brightness based on ambient light, and the 75UX gets a 4.2.2 sound system similar to its ULED X siblings.

2024 Hisense 100 U76N

Hisense 100U7cN 100-inch mini-LED TV.

Hisense says that its 100-inch 100 U76N — it’s only non-mini-LED TV for 2024 — will be an “unbeatable” value. The U76N follows on the heels of 2023’s 100-inch U8K, which the company says is one of its fastest-selling models to date.

Along with a quantum dot, QLED backlight, and 4K UHD resolution, the U76N has a 144 Hz refresh rate, Filmmaker Mode, and is IMAX Enhanced certified. Wireless connectivity is powered by Wi-Fi 6e — an unusually fast and up-to-date standard for a TV. Hisense hasn’t released additional features and specs except to point out that the giant TV runs Google TV, with personalized movie and TV recommendations.

A quote from a Digital Trends review of a Hisense TV.
Digital Trends gets some love during Hisense’s 2024 press conference at CES. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

2024 Hisense U6N, U7N, U8N Series

Hisense 2024 ULED mini-LED TV collection: U6, U7, and U8 models.

Hisense is rightfully proud that it was the first TV brand to add mini-LED backlighting to its entire TV range in 2023, and this year, the focus is on making those backlights even brighter. It says that its 2024 ULED lineup will boast 3,000 nits of peak brightness, with screen sizes ranging from 55 to 85 inches.

As with other models, Google TV will run the show, including access to the built-in NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) tuner and the platform’s more than 10,000+ available apps. Among the supported technologies are Dolby Vision, IMAX Enhanced, and Filmmaker Mode. 144Hz native refresh rates are bolstered by a new Game Bar feature, auto low-latency mode (ALLM), Nvidia G-Sync compatibility, Dolby Gaming, Freesync Premium Pro,  and Game Mode Pro.

The ULED models all get Wi-Fi 6e wireless connectivity. Exclusive to the U7 and U8 models is Hisense’s Hi-View Engine PRO chipset with Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, Face Detection, AI HDR Enhancement, and AI Detail Enhancement. The company says it precisely optimizes the display, creates lifelike skin tones, refines HDR detail, and significantly improves image detail.

Hisense CanvasTV

Hisense Canvas mini-LED TV.

Though Hisense hasn’t said it will be available for purchase in 2024, it showed off its CanvasTV — its answer to Samsung’s popular The Frame TV and LG’s Gallery Series OLED — at its CES booth. It has customizable wood-finish bezels and a zero-gap wall mount that lets it hang flush against the wall.

Hisense’s 2024 ULED and ULED X lineups will be available later this year, with U76N coming later in January.

Editor’s note: an earlier version of this story said that the 100-inch U76N is a mini-LED TV. This has been corrected.