Hi-Fi Rush Devs Fix The Tiniest Bugs In One Last Update

Image: Bethesda / Tango Gameworks
Image: Bethesda / Tango Gameworks

Hi-Fi Rush, developed by Tango Gameworks, is a colorful action-rhythm game that got a surprise release in 2023 and ended up being one of the best games of the year. But the studio behind it was recently closed by Xbox, making the game’s final update a somber farewell to fans.

On May 7, Xbox announced it was shutting down three Bethesda-owned studios: Arkane Austin, Alpha Dog Games, and Tango Gameworks. The day after, Xbox leadership reportedly told Bethesda employees that the company decided to shut down the studios because Microsoft had too many developers, and resources were spread too thin. One of the richest companies in the world—which had spent the last few years buying up studios and publishers—suddenly saying that it can’t manage and afford all these teams didn’t go over well with devs and fans online. And now, after the dust has settled, Tango Gameworks has released what is likely the final update for its last game.

On May 15, the official Hi-Fi Rush Twitter account confirmed that the game was still going to get, as previously promised, a physical release via Limited Run Games, something fans were worried wasn’t going to happen after the shutdown.

It also confirmed that one last update was coming later in the day for Hi-Fi Rush that would “address some minor issues.” About two hours later the update was live and so were the patch notes.

“We’ve released a patch today that takes care of some remaining issues,” posted Tango Gameworks. “Check out the changes, and thank you again for your support of Hi-Fi Rush. You’re all rockstars!”

The update is small and its patch notes are short, but for fans of Hi-Fi Rush and Tango Gameworks (who also developed the Evil Within horror series), it’s a somber and sweet goodbye. Hi-Fi Rush, a great game, is a little bit better today than it was yesterday and that’s nice. Hopefully, the people who made it can say the same one day as they find new work and opportunities out there.

Here are the full patch notes for Hi-Fi Rush’s final update, live now on all platforms:


  • (Track 01) After reducing QA-1MIL to zero health, a collision issue would occur where players would fall out of the geometry. Chai will now properly fall to the ground, instead of into the abyss.

  • (Track 01) Fixed an issue during the latter half of the 2D area whereby the camera would not follow Chai when the elevating lift falls.

  • (Track 02) Corrected a defect whereby if you touched Rekka during her electric charge, your final Rank would not correlate with the Chorus score.

  • Some issues would occur when trying to use Macaron’s Gravity Well while Rhythm Parrying an enemy. Well, this is now fixed!

  • (Track 03) Cutscenes previously would not play correctly if a Health Tank was consumed during the fight with the HG-0G. Feel free to block a few more hits with your face because this bug is fixed!

  • Fixed various text issues.


  • (Track 01) During the “Dodge Attack” tutorial, there was a discrepancy between what Smidge said and the text. The text will .


  • (Track 01) We also QA’d some other issues during the QA-1MIL fight, particularly around transitions between phases.

  • Fixed even more text bugs! They just don’t stop!

  • Drink prices adjusted in Vandelay vending machines to reflect local currency conversion.


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