GTA 5 gets one of GTA 4's funniest mods, making warp-speed vehicles fly across the map, and breaking tennis forever

 A character in GTA 5 driving a car, with three police cars behind him.
A character in GTA 5 driving a car, with three police cars behind him.

There's a plethora of mods for Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5. Whether you want to get your hands on some new vehicles, give the games a visual overhaul, or just make things far more chaotic than Rockstar Games ever intended for them to be, there's bound to be something out there to do that very thing. In the spirit of chaos, one player has – in essence – implemented one of GTA 4's funniest mods into 5, immediately causing vehicles to go flying everywhere, and putting an end to tennis as we knew it.

The original GTA 4 mod, titled 'Warp Eleven (Super Fast Traffic)', has been gaining traction online lately thanks to comedian and streamer Tom Walker, who's been attempting to play through the entire game while cars tear through the streets, killing him instantly if he happens to get in their way. It's ridiculously funny to watch, with some spectacular deaths, and incredible strategies created in an attempt to traverse the map without being sent into the stratosphere by a stray vehicle going about its business. Thanks to this constant threat, even the simplest missions are a huge task, but as of his most recent YouTube upload, he's managed to complete 27 out of 88 of them, which becomes incredibly impressive as soon as you see what he's dealing with.

Inspired by this, Twitter user @MonkipiQuinn came to the social media site with a question – does a mod like this exist for GTA 5? Just two days later, they returned with an update: "I hacked it and did it myself and now the game of tennis is changed forever."

The clip they share shows what first appears to be a normal game of tennis, only with some loud explosions in the background that seem to be making their opponent stall a little. Then, as they finally go to serve, a car blasts in over the side of the court, because nowhere is safe, apparently.

In a further clip, it becomes clear that @MonkipiQuinn's changes to the game don't just affect cars, but other vehicles, too. In an early mission, which usually sees Michael grab his daughter from a boat before being evading their pursuers across the water on a jet ski, @MonkipiQuinn's version sees everyone involved take off into the sky and across the city, as if they're manning some kind of extreme hovercrafts.

Later in the Twitter thread, @MonkipiQuinn explains that they manually changed one of GTA 5's files to turn down the initial drag force of all vehicles (except ones critical to missions) to -999, which is why everything takes off with such gusto. What's also amusing is that this is the player's first ever experience with the game, having entirely avoided the vanilla version up to this point: "High Speed GTA 5 is the only one I know," they add.

Given how @MonkipiQuinn implemented these changes, this isn't a mod that you can just download, although another user suggests that the existing Carmageddon mod might also do the trick if anyone else wants to unleash chaos upon their own game. Hey, it's one way to pass the time until GTA 6 eventually releases.

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