This Is the Grip I Use For My Nintendo Switch

Photo credit: Popular Mechanics
Photo credit: Popular Mechanics

From Popular Mechanics

During an investor briefing, Nintendo said that most Switch owners play either handheld mode, or in both handheld and TV modes. That means a lot of my fellow gamers are out there using the included Joy-Con grips. Compared to an Xbox or PlayStation 4 controller, the ergonomics are awkward, especially if you have gangly fingers like I do.

The Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip slides over the Switch and adds protrusions that fit in your palm and make the whole thing sit in your hands more securely. It's a huge upgrade that is well worth the $30.

The feeling in your hands would be worth that price alone, but the design has two other features that make it something more. First, its asymmetrical grips (the right holder is slightly wider than the left) fit the asymmetrical joysticks. Both your thumbs are equidistant from each joystick and button configuration. Second, the rubber inside the Grip's lining really holds the Switch in place. You can even turn it upside-down and nothing falls out.

If you got a Switch for the holidays and are figuring out how to kit it out (and your game collection is solid), this should be on your short list alongside a screen protector and an SD card for extra memory. Seriously, it makes those long gaming sessions much more enjoyable.

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