Google’s Next Big Thing: Home Security Cameras?

Yahoo Tech

Google could be taking another step into the smart home market with the latest target being a WiFi camera company that streams live footage of what’s happening in your home.

Dropcam develops cameras that saves its footage to the cloud, allowing owners to check the recordings or view a live stream of what’s occurring in their home from anywhere.

See our reporter Dan Tynan’s review of his Dropcam system here.)

According to tech site the Information, it’s not clear what stage the talks are at or whether any progress has been made with them.

The company is being looked at by Google’s Nest division, the smart thermostat company that Google acquired in January for $3.2 billion, and an expansion into home security would give Google’s a stronger foothold in the smart home market.

Earlier this month, Dropcam revealed it would make people-detection software available to customers in early August and waterproof tabs which allows it to detect motion in areas you wouldn’t be able to place a camera.

A standard Dropcam camera costs $149, and allows you to stream footage to your phone and computer. The company has raised more than $47 million since it was founded in 2009.

Recent months has seen more companies focus their attention on the internet of things and developing services for smart items.

Apple is said to be launching its own ‘smart home’ program at its developer conference next week, while Microsoft announced its own Internet of things offering for businesses at its developer conference BUILD back in April.

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