Google Pixel Fold 2: latest news, rumors, and everything we know so far

 Google Pixel Fold back partially unfolded.
Google Pixel Fold back partially unfolded.

The Google Pixel Fold was one of the highlights of the first half of 2023, combining a stylish and surprisingly-slim design with great cameras and impressive screens. In all, it was a brilliant first attempt at a foldable phone by Google, so we're excited by the potential of the Google Pixel Fold 2.

Early leaks suggest we're right to be excited too, with the phone possibly sporting larger screens, loads more power, and a new design, among other things. You'll find full details of these and other leaks below, along with the Pixel Fold 2's possible release date and price.

Then, further down, you'll find a wish list of the five things that we most want to see from the Pixel Fold 2, because as great as the original is, there's always room for improvement.

Oh, and we'll update this article whenever we hear anything more about the Pixel Fold 2, so keep this page bookmarked.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The second foldable phone from Google

  • When is it out? Probably either mid or late 2024

  • How much will it cost? Likely at least $1,799 / £1,749 (around AU$2,630)

Google Pixel Fold 2: predicted release date and price

Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold

Google’s main Pixel line gets new models on a yearly basis, so if the same is true of the Pixel Fold line then we can expect the Pixel Fold 2 in 2024. It might land in May like the original, but we're more likely to see it on June 27, as that's when Google is holding I/O 2024, and the Pixel Fold 2 is rumored to be present.

That said, another leak suggests the Pixel Fold 2 might instead land in October, alongside the Google Pixel 9. In any case, the Pixel Fold 2's screen will apparently enter production in April, so hopefully we won't be waiting too long.

We can only speculate about the price currently, but the Pixel Fold starts at $1,799 / £1,749 (around AU$2,630 but with no Australian availability), so it’s likely the Google Pixel Fold 2 will have a similar starting price – or perhaps even a slightly higher one.

There’s a chance the Pixel Fold 2 will land in Australia even though the first model hasn’t, since Google does have a presence there, but that remains to be seen. A US and UK launch is all but guaranteed.

Google Pixel Fold 2: rumored design and display

One of the biggest Pixel Fold 2 leaks so far is an actual photo supposedly showing the phone, as you can see below. This is likely an early prototype, so the design could change, but details you can see here include a narrower cover screen than the original model has, and a redesigned camera block.

The source of this image also claims that the metal frame feels more premium than on the original Pixel Fold, that the device is slim, that the crease in the foldable screen is quite noticeable, and that the inner screen has a punch-hole camera, which likely means it also has a narrower top bezel than its predecessor, which housed the camera in the bezel.

A leaked photo of the Pixel Fold 2
A leaked photo of the Pixel Fold 2

Since then, leaked Google Pixel Fold 2 renders have emerged, sporting a similar design to the above in what's apparently a Charcoal finish, but this time showing us the foldable screen too.

You can see some of these renders – which were shared by SmartPrix – below, complete with slightly smaller bezels and what's apparently an under-display selfie camera on the foldable screen, despite it being visible in these renders.

Apparently the cover screen is 6.4 inches, while the foldable screen is said to be 7.9 inches. For reference, the original Pixel Fold has a 7.6-inch foldable screen and a 5.8-inch cover screen, so both would be bigger here if this is accurate.

Image 1 of 2

A leaked render of the Pixel Fold 2
A leaked render of the Pixel Fold 2

Image 2 of 2

A leaked render of the Pixel Fold 2
A leaked render of the Pixel Fold 2

Apparently the Pixel Fold 2 is around 155.2 x 150.2 x 5.27mm when unfolded, making it bigger and slimmer than the 139.7 x 158.7 x 5.8mm Pixel Fold.

When folded shut, the Pixel Fold 2 is said to be 155.2 x 77.1 x 10.54mm, while the original is again thicker at 139.7 x 79.5 x 12.1mm.

All that said, another source disagrees about the screen sizes, saying that the Pixel Fold 2 actually has an 8.02-inch foldable screen and a 6.29-inch cover screen. And if the screen sizes above are wrong then the dimensions might be too, so we're not sure which leak is right currently.

Google Pixel Fold 2: rumored cameras and battery

A leaked photo of the Google Pixel Fold 2 (above) shows a large camera block, and this new, much squarer block also appears to house an extra lens, for four in total. Though it's very possible this mystery fourth sensor is instead a temperature sensor or a depth sensor or something.

Indeed, a more recent leak states that the Pixel Fold 2 only has a triple-lens camera, with the extra sensors possibly being there to assist with focusing.

This leak also points to the Pixel Fold 2 having an under-display selfie camera on the foldable screen, with a different sensor to the 8MP one used by the original Pixel Fold.

There's no news yet on the battery, but for reference the Pixel Fold has a 4,821mAh battery, and with the Fold 2 reportedly having bigger screens, we'd think the battery capacity might grow too.

Google Pixel Fold 2: rumored specs and features

One upgrade we were expecting is a move to the Tensor G3, which appeared in the Pixel 8 last year. But a new rumor claims the Google Pixel Fold 2 may skip the Tensor G3 in favor of a new Tensor G4 chip.

This could deliver improved AI performance making for a smarter and faster foldable phone. A hefty 16GB of RAM has also been tipped, which would be a first for the Pixel family.

We've heard mention of a Tensor G4 and 16GB of RAM from another source too, which adds that the Pixel Fold 2 apparently comes with 256GB of storage, runs Android 14, and will get seven years of software updates, just like the Google Pixel 8.

Plus, the Pixel Fold 2 might get a new modem, complete with support for emergency satellite communications.

Google Pixel Fold 2: what we want to see

The following things could make the Google Pixel Fold 2 substantially better than the original Pixel Fold.

1. Smaller bezels

Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold

The Google Pixel Fold mostly looks great. It’s slim, stylish, and looks more like a conventional smartphone than the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. But the foldable screen has surprisingly large bezels around it.

These don’t look like they belong on a phone of this price, so we’d like to see these slimmed down significantly for the Pixel Fold 2.

2. A lower price

Foldable phones are inevitably pricey prospects and the Google Pixel Fold is no exception, with a price tag that’s in line with the top Samsung foldables.

That’s not entirely unreasonable, given that it’s virtually two devices in one, along with a likely expensive folding screen. But it does mean the Pixel Fold will be out of reach for a lot of people.

We’d love to see these devices become mainstream, and for that they need to be cheaper, so we hope Google finds a way to cut costs with the Pixel Fold 2 – without cutting down on the quality.

3. A bigger battery

Battery life is almost always an issue with foldable phones. After all, their big and numerous screens can be very power hungry, yet there’s not really room for a tablet-sized battery inside these phones.

Still, most foldable phones don’t even match typical flagships for battery capacity, and we’d think the form factor could manage that. So we’d like to see Google move from the 4,821mAh battery in the Pixel Fold, to at least a 5,000mAh one in the Pixel Fold 2.

4. Longer-term support

Google is promising at least three years of Android updates and five years of security updates for the Pixel Fold, and while the latter figure is respectable, three years of operating system updates for a phone this expensive really isn’t very impressive. Not least of all as the Pixel 8 series offers seven years of software support.

Many iPhones are supported for as long as five or six years, and Samsung promises seven years of Android updates for its latest flagships, so Google – which makes Android – really has no good excuse for not doing more. Hopefully, that will be remedied with the Pixel Fold 2.