Can You Tell When Google Glass is Recording You?

David Pogue
Yahoo Tech
May 17, 2014

Google Glass may be a tour de force of miniaturization and user interface, but it faces a tough slog socially. It will be banned in restaurants, theaters, movies, courtrooms — and locker rooms, for sure.

A big part of the problem is the creep factor: You can be photographing or filming people without their knowledge.

That, at least, is what most people think. But in a recent editorial, Mike Elgan writes: “Google Glass is conspicuous and obvious. It lights up when you take pictures or video — you can not only see a light, you can actually see the image.”

Wait, what? Could that be true? Have we all been giving Google Glass a bad rap? Can you actually tell when you’re being filmed?

There was only one way to find out: Get a pair and run a test. And so I did. Watch the video above to see the results.

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