George Lucas supposedly likes Rogue One more than The Force Awakens

It’s Star Wars month again, as we’re only 10 days away from Rogue One’s highly anticipated premiere. The first standalone Star Wars movie tells the story of how the rebels got a hold of the plans Luke used to destroy the Death Star in Episode IV, and the film seems quite promising, considering what we saw in the trailers and footage that Disney released so far. Early reviewers who were given access to 28 minutes of the movie seemed impressed, suggesting that Disney has a new Star Wars hit on its hands. On top of that, even George Lucas likes Rogue One.

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The original creator of the Star Wars universe apparently liked Rogue One more than Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which turned out to be Disney’s 2015 tremendous hit.

“Two days ago, we got to show George the movie. We all had a phone call, and I got to speak with him yesterday,” Rogue One director Gareth Edwards said, according to io9. “And I don’t want to put words into his mouth, but I can honestly say that I can die happy now. He really liked the movie, so it meant a lot. To be honest, and no offense to anyone here, it was the most important review to me… and I will take that conversation to the grave. It was a real privilege and his opinion means the world to me.”

Lucas was somewhat critical of The Force Awakens last year, a movie that was very well received by critics and fans. So if Lucas likes it, does that mean Rogue One is even better than Episode VII? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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