Fubo’s new feature uses AI to pull headlines from live news

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Fubo Instant Headlines feature.

Fubo, the sports-focused live TV streaming service, wants to help viewers cut to the chase when scrolling its news carousel, today introducing Instant Headlines, a feature that uses AI to generate real-time headlines for live news in 10 words or less.

Sifting through the endless movie and show titles on any given streaming service can already induce decision paralysis, but at least as you scroll, there’s a cleverly written little episode synopsis to help you decide. But how do you do that with live news? With AI, of course.

Fubo's Instant Headlines Beta

Fubo’s latest feature, Instant Headlines, will generate headlines from several 24-hour news channels as they broadcast live. From the home page, users can scroll down to Fubo’s “News right now” carousel, where they’ll see short headlines overlayed on the thumbnail image of each available live news channel. Headlines are constantly refreshed based on the topics discussed, which could be a nice little heads-up before delving into more election coverage or whatever Taylor and Travis are up to.

Fubo says that the feature is currently in beta and, for the time being, includes national networks and local stations in certain markets. The demo video above shows samples from the likes of Morning Joe, MSNBC News, News Nation, and a local New York station. It’s also only currently available on Android TV and Fire TV devices but may be expanded on in the future.

“Today’s launch of our first-of-its-kind news feature is aimed to improve live content discovery on Fubo, in real time. Innovating around our news programming is a focus this year, particularly as we head into an election cycle,” said David Gandler, co-founder and CEO of Fubo. “We’re excited to further evolve Instant Headlines and offer additional news-based product features during such a critical time in world news. Instant Headlines is just the first product we’re rolling out this year aimed to ensure our users never miss a moment of the most meaningful content.”

In today’s announcement, Fubo also stated that Instant Headlines was just the beginning of its plans to launch more news-focused features to its platform in the future, although no timeline was given. Additionally, Fubo says it plans to bring features like these available to its sports and entertainment content.