You can finally buy the Oura Ring at Amazon in every style and color — how to shop it now

 Oura Ring in a person's fingers.
Oura Ring in a person's fingers.

Starting March 7, you'll be able to purchase the Oura Ring and the brand's complementing accessories through Oura's new storefront on Amazon. The smart ring starts at $299 and is available in a variety of sizes, styles and, metallic finishes.

Despite the popularity of Oura's fitness-tracking ring, you've been limited to shopping via Best Buy or directly through Oura's website. While those options haven't stopped the Oura Ring from being the leading smart ring on the market, Amazon is the world's largest online retailer and preferred e-commerce destination for millions of shoppers.

Oura Ring: from $299 @ Amazon
The Oura Ring Gen 3 starts at $299 for the Heritage style and  $349 for the Horizon style. You can now shop both styles in all sizes and colors at Amazon.View Deal

Shopping Oura Ring through Amazon also means Amazon Prime members get fast and free shipping on their Oura Ring order. That said, Oura is charging $10 on Amazon for the same sizing kit that comes free when you purchase on the brand's website.

Speaking from experience, skipping the sizing kit isn't optional. I normally wear a size 7 ring, so I assumed that's the size I would need when I first ordered an Oura Ring. But after trying the sizing kit, I discovered I would need a size 8 for the most comfortable fit.

That said, you have two options if you don't want to order a sizing kit for $10 on Amazon. You can either ask around if anyone you know still has their laying around, or visit a Best Buy location to try them on in-store.

I won't assume you'd just buy the fitness-tracking ring at Best Buy while you're there — maybe you have an Amazon gift card you're looking to use towards your Oura Ring.

Otherwise, as someone who has lost my charging stand before, I'm glad to see I can order a replacement for $59 on Amazon now with fast shipping. If you split your time between multiple homes or travel often, it could be smart to pick up a secondary charging base for convenience's sake.

Buying an Oura Ring? What you need to know

The Oura Ring is currently the most mainstream smart ring you can buy. Although the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Ring is coming later this year, Oura certainly has a head start. Launching this new retail partnership with Amazon helps the company's cause, too.

Compared to a traditional fitness-tracker or smartwatch that you wear on your wrist, a device like the Oura Ring is more discreet and designed to be worn multiple days at a time on a single charge. It can also be worn to sleep for advanced sleep-tracking and recovery data.

As it's meant to look like a piece of jewelry, the Oura ring comes in two different styles and six finishes, though certain finishes are exclusive to each style. The ultimate price varies based on the style and finish, with the cost spanning from $299 to $549.

The fees don't stop at the initial hardware purchase, though. Oura charges a monthly membership to access the company's full suite of health metrics, which costs $5.99 per month. If you're not sure about that commitment, it looks like Samsung may offer a similar service for free with the Galaxy Ring.

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