A Facebook glitch showed some users exactly how many people have looked at their posts

Facebook sign
Facebook sign

(Biz Carson/Business Insider)

While Facebook shows you how many people have liked and commented on your posts, it doesn't show you how many people have actually seen your post.

However, a glitch in Facebook's mobile website allowed some users to see just that. The bug added a view counter to certain users' Facebook posts, allowing them to see exactly how many people had viewed it.

The glitch seems to have only affected a small group of people and is now 100% fixed.

Some Facebook users noticed the change on Wednesday and posted screenshots of it to Twitter.

This counter was displayed in the same spot where you would normally see how many people liked or commented on your Facebook post.

Here's what it looked like:

It's similar to a feature called "reach" that Facebook offers for brand pages, but no such functionality has ever existed for individual users. This only affected the company's mobile website, so if you typically use Facebook on your desktop or through its mobile app you probably haven't encountered it.

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