Elon Musk veered into talking about aliens during his meeting with Twitter employees, telling them he hasn't seen evidence to suggest they're real

Elon Musk
Elon Musk tweeted that the deal was on hold Friday.Picture Alliance/Getty Images
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Elon Musk has a company, SpaceX, that goes to space, but he hasn't yet seen evidence that there's life out there.

At a town hall with the beleaguered staff of Twitter on Thursday to discuss his impending buyout of the company, Musk also touched on the possibility of life outside of earth, a source who attended told Insider.

Musk told Twitter employees how the mission of SpaceX is to "to make life multiplanetary and thus improve the problem lifespan of consciousness."

He discussed the possibility of life outside earth, but seemed to follow up after saying he hasn't seen "actual evidence for aliens."

"Can we travel to other star systems and see if there are alien civilizations?" he said. There could be "long dead" ones out there, too, he said.

It's already been a pretty out-of-this-world process for his acquisition of Twitter. Musk agreed to buy company for $44 billion in April, but has subsequently changed how he financed the deal and has declared the issue of spambots to be a significant obstacle to completing the buyout.

At the all-hands meeting on Thursday, Musk also said he wanted the platform to have 1 billion users, as well as freedom of "speech" and "reach," the New York Times reported Thursday.

He implied there could be layoffs, that the company should make more than it spends, and that he prefers in-person work, Insider reported. Two employees described the meeting as "confusing" and "hilarious" to Insider.

Twitter and Elon Musk did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

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