Dragon's Dogma 2's character creator is available to use right now, and all I can say is, please stop scaring me

 A character resembling a lion in armour .
A character resembling a lion in armour .

So far, my day has consisted of scrolling through Twitter and examining all the horrifying designs that Dragon's Dogma 2 players have managed to make now that the pre-release character creator is available.

Even if you're not planning to play Dragon's Dogma 2, the character creator is currently free to try out on Steam and provides the perfect way to make the persona of your dreams or, more likely, nightmares. You can customise your Arisen, the playable character, as well as the Main Pawn, someone who will follow you through your journey. And if all the horrifyingly detailed amalgamations I've seen floating around are anything to go by, it's also an incredibly creative and detailed tool.

I've seen creatures that seem closer to a sleep paralysis demon than anything considered normal—even by fantasy RPG standards. Some of these designs would give me a heart attack if I stumbled across them in a game. So, instead of staring at all these ungodly creatures, I've decided to take matters into my own hands and begin to design characters—I just hope I don't make more accidentally hideous creations.

Apart from genuinely making me feel quite ill, these unholy creations do showcase how impressive Dragon's Dogma 2 character creator is. Beyond just choosing your race and body type there are ways to adjust torso length, muscle style, tattoos, and so much more. I'm currently using all of these tools to try and recreate Leon Kennedy, but this kind of freedom means you can do just about anything.

There's also what players are now calling the "Virgin to Chad slider," which lets you choose how hunched over you wish your character to be. Both sides of the scale look pretty uncomfortable, but it's your character, so everything's up to you—no judgment here.

If you do end up with a beautiful monstrosity, a mirror image of yourself, or the best thing to come out of the Resident Evil series who you'd love to play as once Dragon's Dogma 2 is out, don't worry—you can transfer your character to the full game. It can also store up to five creations, so you can split your time between making the most aesthetically pleasing designs and those that manage to defy science.