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'Super convenient for young and old': This $7 lanyard means you'll never forget your phone again

Why carry your tech when you can wear it?

Are you always misplacing your phone? Hey, it happens: It's easy to leave our devices on store counters, restaurant tables and basically anywhere that's not our pockets or purses. While replacing a phone can be costly, preventing the problem in the first place is super affordable: Snag this handy universal cell phone lanyard for $7 at Amazon. It turns phones into a necklace and would make the perfect "hint hint" gift for forgetful family members — or for yourself.

Would you rather cough up lots of money for a new phone or spend $7 to ensure it never leaves your sight? It's a no-brainer.

$8 at Amazon

Let's face it: When you bring an item everywhere, it's bound to go missing at some point. And while there are those lucky instances when we remember our phone before we've left the parking lot or a good samaritan returns it, there are also times when it's gone for good. Rather than coughing up hundreds for a replacement, why not prevent the mishap by wearing your phone on this lanyard instead?

It couldn't be easier to use: All you do is slide the rectangular panel through your phone case's charging slot, slide your phone in over top to secure it in place, then hook the strap to the loop. Just note that you'll want to make sure you have a full-coverage case, as it won't work with half cases.

What makes this lanyard more convenient than those wearable phone pouches? You'll still have full access to your phone's screen, camera and charging port. While it's convenient for everyday use, it's especially helpful when you're traveling and want to ensure your phone is on you at all times — and it'll free up your hands if you have lots to carry. Plus, you can hook it to ID cards, whistles, earbuds and other essentials.

From a comfort standpoint, the soft cord won't dig into your neck, and you can choose from 13 colors (prices vary). If you're looking to stock up, these lanyards come in multipacks of two or four for even less per piece.

person wearing their phone using the lanyard, and two of the phone lanyards in different colors
This nifty lanyard turns your phone into a necklace so you'll never be without it. (Amazon)

Over 1,500 Amazon shoppers have given the universal cell phone lanyard their five-star seal of approval, saying it's "super convenient for young and old" alike.

Wrote one fan: "I got this because I am bad about laying my phone down and forgetting it. My daughter suggested one of these and I looked into it. [I] thought the round rope would be less likely to cause discomfort, and it's adjustable so you can wear it like a long necklace or as a crossbody like a purse. I don't want to leave the house without it now."

"The coolest thing I've bought to date," raved another impressed reviewer. "I am an old lady ... and always misplacing my phone — setting it down somewhere, and can't remember where. ... This lanyard is so light ... I hardly know it's there. ... I always know where my phone is, and since it is with me all the time, it's tracking all my steps."

"I’m 74 and have two bad knees, two bad hips, and neuropathy in my feet. I am a walking fall risk!" said a third satisfied shopper. "A couple of weeks ago, I had a small fall in the bathroom and thank goodness no major injuries. The only thing I thought I could do to feel safer was purchase a safety alarm apparatus you wear around your neck and pay a monthly fee. At this point, I can’t really afford to do that ... I went to my go-to place, Amazon, and found this lanyard. It looks nice, very strong and comfortable. I haven’t left my phone behind even once. Something like this could actually save my life. Safety first!"

"Whoever invented this lanyard system is a hero!" gushed a happy buyer. "It is so helpful. I usually wear mine in crossbody style. I have my hands free and don’t have to worry about misplacing my phone."

"This was perfect for my cruise," said a final reviewer. "The only issue I have is, I kept it on my phone for about two weeks after the cruise, so about three weeks total, it did start to fray. So it should be used for shorter periods of times and not forever on your phone."

What has a super-soft cord, comes in 13 colors and will save your sanity? You're looking at it. 

$8 at Amazon

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