Diablo IV's Next Season Is Full Of Changes To Make Players Care Again

Image: Blizzard
Image: Blizzard

Diablo IV is getting a major overhaul on the heels of its one year anniversary. Blizzard recently revealed almost every major change to come in season 4 later this month, and fans are excited for the action-RPG to finally fix some of the biggest complaints players have had since launch.

Season 4 is called Loot Reborn and it goes live on May 14 at 1:00 p.m. ET. It’ll be the first new update since Diablo IV arrived on Game Pass for subscribers on Xbox and PC, and on paper at least, it’s a strong case for why players should care about the fun but inoffensive demon clicker again. While changes to Legendary gear, affixes, and the Codex of Power were first teased back in April, a new Blizzard blog post outlines the upcoming itemization rework in much more detail.

Traditionally, Diablo IV seasons have only brought changes to the game’s Seasonal Realm. In this mode, players must create a new character from scratch and then journey out into Sanctuary, completing old story content or new seasonal activities while utilizing unique seasonal items, powers, and buildcrafting opportunities. In Loot Reborn, however, the biggest changes will impact players’ core Eternal Realm characters as well, making it the perfect opportunity for lapsed players to return and continue grinding with their original hero.

Image: Blizzard
Image: Blizzard

Here are the key ways Loot Reborn is overhauling gear, crafting, and other loot-oriented systems:





It’s a lot to digest, but the end result should be a lot less junk dropping and more investment in improving and modifying your best gear, especially in the late game. Permanently unlocking Aspects and Affixes will hopefully cut down on a lot of tedious RNG grinds, while the best drops will still be reserved for those moments when you finally get really lucky. We’ll see how it ends up working in practice, but I’m excited to actually feel something in Diablo IV again come May 14.

Image: Blizzard
Image: Blizzard

Season 4 will bring other changes and new content to the base game, and Helltide events are one of the chief beneficiaries. Surviving a Helltide onslaught will increase your threat level until you eventually become Hell-Marked and swarmed by an even bigger mob of demons, until a Hellborn embodying one of Diablo IV’s classes hunts you down. Baneful Hearts earned during Helltide exploration let you initiate Accursed Rituals, which end with the arrival of a Blood Maiden who’ll drop valuable rewards. Helltide events will also now be available starting at World Tier I.

Pit of Artificers is a new timed boss rush mode for earning Masterwork crafting materials. Players earn Runeshards throughout the world and use them to activate the Obelisk in Cerrigar and descend into a pit. Players in groups of up to four have 10 minutes to kill everything in sight and defeat a boss before moving on to the next level of the pit.

Finally, there’s a seasonal story surrounding a mercenary group called The Iron Wolves. Defenders of everyday commoners, the mercenaries are being mysteriously killed off with players left to discover why. That’s the extent of what Blizzard detailed about actual new seasonal content circumstances. Some players suspect this means Season 4 will be content light compared to the previous ones, with Blizzard having invested instead in overhauling deeper systems. If that’s the case, it seems like a worthwhile trade-off, especially ahead of Diablo IV’s Vessel of Hatred expansion later this year.

Or it could just be that Blizzard is keeping Loot Reborn’s story content close to the vest until closer to release. A developer livestream on May 2 will dive deeper into the upcoming changes, with full patch notes for season 4 going up soon after.

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