As Diablo 4 fans argue over whether Ashava is too difficult, these hardcore players have done it solo

 Diablo 4 Ashava
Diablo 4 Ashava

Diablo 4's latest beta has come and gone, though one lingering question is whether the world boss Ashava is too hard to take out. That debate means little, though, to a handful of fans who have managed to do the deed not only by themselves but with hardcore characters.

You'll come across a few world bosses during your time tootling through Diablo 4's open world, though Ashava has been the one we've seen in the recent betas. Blizzard's idea is that the titans will require a group of adventures to topple, leading to a feel-good moment as they eventually burst with loot when brought down.

Naturally, people saw that as an open challenge to solo the poor dragon during a beta earlier this year, with a few actually succeeding. Blizzard clearly took notice ahead of the latest Server Slam beta, limiting the maximum a player could level from 25 to 20.

For some Diablo 4 players, the fight is unfair as the encounter scales up each time someone else joins the instance. As such, you won't have much luck if under-levelled players join, as you'll need to make up for their lack of DPS. Other Diablo 4 players, however, haven't been too overburdened by the issue, and are content to tell the others to 'get gud'.

Meanwhile, a handful of Diablo fans have taken advantage of that tidbit about instancing to try and take on the world boss solo. You're never guaranteed to get Ashava to yourself, though players have found it to be pretty likely if you're playing on hardcore.

One player who managed the feat made headlines during a previous beta as they basically did the deed solo, but not technically, as both times, another player joined during the dying moments to get the last blow. This time, however, they got their kill. And on the veteran difficulty to boot.

Another players have popped up to accomplish the same feat since. One called Alkaizer managed the feat with a hardcore barbarian character on world tier two. Some did pop up mid fight, though swiftly died.

Most Diablo 4 players have applauded the accomplishments, while others have teased the crowd who reckons Ashava needs to be knocked down a peg. We don't have long to find out whatever the behemoth dragon has coming to them, as Diablo 4 launches on June 6.

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