The Cybertruck Seems to Be Breaking Down at an Incredible Rate

Breaking Bad

After years and years of waiting, the first class of Tesla Cybertruck owners are finding that the futuristic-looking electric vehicles aren't holding up too well.

Case in point, the Cybertruck Owners' Club forum, where as a viral tweet flagged by Jalopnik reveals, those new truck drivers are not at all thrilled.

In the now-infamous post titled "Worst delivery in my life [sic] (truck died in 5 minutes)," a new Cybertruck owner by the handle of "cyberstank" waxed prolific about just how bad the situation was when their vehicle first arrived.

"Took delivery today," the post reads. "Made it 1 mile down road, started getting steering error, flashing red screen, pulled off side of highway now the truck is dead and I’m waiting for a tow truck."

To add insult to injury, they said that the unnamed dealer they took it to "couldn’t do anything" for them.

"It was great for 5 minutes," the post continues. "Tried everything, restarting, screen is stuck black and keeps beeping."

The verdict? "Tesla really rushed these trucks out, what a nightmare."

Threading the Needle

In another thread, a user helpfully suggested that an issue with another truck might be an "electrical malfunction of some sort and not a major part failure." But as another user dunked in reply, "the entire truck is electric."

Elsewhere, in one subgroup regarding issues and recalls, users recounted all manner of terrible things that had happened to them since getting their Cybertrucks, which started reaching buyers in late November 2023.

One post from this week described a Cybertruck driver whose brakes malfunctioned out of nowhere, causing a collision with a light pole.

"I was driving like usual and when coming into a turn [and] releasing the accelerator but the speed [wasn't] reducing," the post reads. "So i pressed the brake... but it [didn't] engage.... until it was too late and I hit a signal light pole."

"Also," the post continues, "airbags [didn't] deploy."

To be fair, experts have been warning about Cybertruck safety issues since before the cars were even released — though now, buyers are finding the same thing.

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