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'Cleaned 6 years off my laptop screen': This popular non-toxic spray kit is down to $10

Fingerprints blurring your favorite app or show? Don't attack your phone with a normal cloth, or heaven forbid, glass cleaner — you could destroy your touchscreen. Electronics are sensitive to certain chemicals, including many that you'll find in household cleaners, so you need to use something like the Calyptus Screen Cleaner Kit. It's on sale at Amazon, and it can make your tech feel shiny and new again.

This kit comes with two 4-ounce spray bottles and four microfiber cleaning cloths. 

$10 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

This kit is marked down to $10 from its usual price of $17. What's more, it's a six-piece set with two bottles of cleaner and four microfiber cloths, a no-brainer versus the two-piece set that's $13. Other screen cleaners often cost more and don't include nearly as much.

Why do I need this?

We use our digital devices on a near-constant basis, but since everything is touchscreen these days, they get dirty. All of the oils on our fingers are smeared across the screen (especially during a particularly intense run of Candy Crush), and the tail of our shirts isn't enough to get it squeaky clean. Sometimes you need a dedicated cleaning spray, but don't use anything you might find under your kitchen sink — it could do more harm than good.

This cleaning spray is safe to use on everything from your iPhone to the Meta Quest headset. It contains no alcohol, no toxic chemicals, no VOCs and no other materials that might damage your gadgets. Trust us: A clean screen makes a big difference in your viewing experience. Just a small amount of dirt will greatly increase the amount of glare from direct sunlight. Bonus: The included microfiber cloths will safely remove debris from your screen without causing scratches.

Apple Macbook pro 15 Retina on table
Fingerprints, dust, even spilled soda: This screen cleaner removes it all. (Getty Images)
Close-up, hand holding smartphone with empty screen mockup in mid night city with neon lights cyberpunk.
Fingerprints, dust, even spilled soda: This screen cleaner removes it all. (Getty Images)

What reviewers say

More than 17,000 reviewers say the Calyptus Screen Cleaner Kit is a five-star buy for anyone who wants to see a little more clearly when it comes to their tech.

"This works great!" one fan raved. "I have been using the Windex electronic wipes but they have been getting dryer each time. I thought I would try a spray this time and this set's price was right and the reviews were great. A few sprays on the microfiber cloth removed all of the grime from my screen easily and with no streaks! It also has a polishing cloth to be used after the cleaning solution."

Another user shared, "I use this cleaner on my MacBook. After trying other screen cleaners, this is the best I have found by far. It doesn't leave a film, and gives a super quick clean."

"Cleaned six years off my laptop screen," wrote one reviewer. "Easy, effective, works well. Only downside is my aversion to the textures of the two cloths. I held my breath and made it work! After six years, there was a lot to clean off. I barely had to use any, so I doubt I’ll need to purchase more again soon."

Household cleaners can ruin your touchscreens — give them the care they deserve with this gentle option.

$10 at Amazon

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