Bidding Starts at $10,000 for Pair of Retro Apple Campus Signs

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On June 4, you can bid on a piece of Apple history. The signs depicting two distinctive rainbow-striped apples that served as the original company logo will hit the auction block at Bonhams for between $10,000 and $15,000. 

The signs were removed from the company headquarters in 1997 and given to an unnamed longtime Apple employee. The rainbow logo was used by Apple from 1976 to 1997.

The two signs were exterior building signs, about 46 × 49 × 1½ inches and 33½ × 36 × 6 inches. The stem is a separate piece. The larger sign is made of foam with vinyl colors, whereas the smaller sign is fiberglass.

The signs aren’t in the best of shape. (They were on the outside of the building, after all.) Some of the vinyl color is peeling, and there are marks across both of them. Considering that they are part of tech history, however, a bit of chipped paint shouldn’t make much of a difference to what they will fetch at auction. 

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