Best Sky TV and broadband deals for June 2024

 Sky TV and broadband deals.
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It’s fair to say that when it comes to the best broadband and TV packages, Sky is arguably the leading provider, especially here in the UK.

Sky stands out for its wide choice of options on everything from broadband speeds to different entertainment options that can suit pretty much every household. So, whether you want a fibre broadband deal with Sky Sports and Sky Cinema or more affordable slower speeds with the basic TV plan, Sky has a plan that will fit your needs.

However, it will be no surprise that with all of these features, add-ons, and extras, Sky often isn’t the cheapest option for those looking for a dependable internet and TV plan. But at the same time, there are still plenty of Sky Broadband deals and Sky TV deals and bundles to be found if you know where to look.

Everything outlined in this guide should be enough for you to decide whether or not a Sky TV and broadband package is right for you or if you need to look elsewhere for one of the best broadband and TV deals.

Best Sky Broadband and TV Deals

Sky has currently got a selection of offers on its broadband and TV packages, and as it happens, these are also some of the best Sky Broadband and TV deals around right now:

Sky Stream, Sky TV, Netflix & Ultrafast Broadband | 145Mbps | £40 a month for 18 montha | No setup fees
For £40 a month on an 18-month contract with no upfront costs, you get Sky TV (via Sky Stream), a standard Netflix subscription, and Sky's mighty Full Fibre Ultrafast Broadband (145Mbps). The TV package doesn’t include Sky Sports or Sky Cinema, but you get the entertainment package with over 250 channels. The extra benefit is that you don't need a dish installed, as your TV can be streamed via your WiFi through the Sky Stream Puck. It's also for new Sky customers only.View Deal

Sky Stream, Sky TV, Netflix & Gigafast Broadband | 900Mbps | £54 a month for 18 months | No upfront fees
At £54 a month for 18 months, with no upfront fees, new customers can get Sky TV with the Sky Entertainment package that includes over 150 channels. This is streamed via WiFi through the Sky Stream Puck – so there's no need for a satellite dish to be installed – meaning you can just plug in and go. Plus, there’s a standard Netflix subscription included for free. More importantly, you also get its incredible Gigafast Full Fibre broadband that has unlimited data and 900Mbps average download speeds. View Deal

Sky Stream, Sky TV, Netflix & Superfast broadband | 61Mbps | £38 a month for 18 months | No setup costs
Sky’s Superfast broadband has average download speeds of 61Mbps and is a top choice for everyday browsing, streaming and gaming in small to medium-sized households. Plus, you get a standard Netflix subscription and of course Sky TV with the entertainment package through WiFi with the Sky Stream Puck. This is for new Sky customers, it currently costs £89 a month, but there aren't any upfront fees. View Deal

What broadband speeds can I get with Sky?

There are various different broadband options to choose from, ranging from ADSL connections through to ultrafast, gigabit internet ‘Full Fibre’. Sky uses the Openreach network for its fibre broadband, so not all speeds are available to all households. You can check what’s available to your property with Sky directly, or you can look at the latest fibre and ‘Full Fibre’ rollout information here.

The available Sky Broadband choices are:

  • Sky Broadband Essential Plus – has average download speeds of 11Mbps and is meant for casual browsing and email.

  • Sky Broadband Superfast 35 – has average download speeds of 36Mbps and can suit small to medium households for browsing, streaming and gaming.

  • Sky Broadband Superfast/Superfast 80 – one of the most-popular choices, this has average download speeds of 59-61Mbps and is a dependable choice for households with high streaming and downloads.

  • Sky Broadband Full Fibre 100 - Sky’s newest package which, as the name suggests, gives average download speeds of 100Mbps. It does require a ‘Full Fibre’ connection.

  • Sky Broadband Ultrafast – if you want to do lots of streaming, gaming and browsing without interruption, this fibre broadband has average download speeds of 145Mbps.

  • Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus – this 500Mbps connection requires ‘Full Fibre’ but it can allow multiple users to stream in UHD, make video calls, game and download all at once.

  • Sky Broadband Gigafast – this is Sky’s fastest ‘Full Fibre’ with an average download speed of 900+Mbps. You can also stream in UHD, game in 4k, make video calls and depend on what Sky calls its ‘future proof broadband for the busiest homes’.

Sky Broadband and TV customer services

With any broadband and TV package, you get a variety of excellent customer support options. You can get help via email, phone, live chat, online FAQs and through social media - and Sky is one of the best providers for resolving customer issues.

Not only has it won awards for its customer services, the latest Ofcom consumer reports show how Sky has the lowest number of complaints from its customers compared to all the other major UK providers. This is an accolade Sky has had for the last few years and it continues to set the standard for customer support.

Woman on a customer service call
Woman on a customer service call

What TV add-ons are available from Sky?

Whether you’re purchasing a TV package or a TV and broadband bundle through Sky, you’ll typically be offered the chance to add additional entertainment ‘packs’.

The available packs will of course be determined by what’s already included in your chosen deal. However, it’s important to note that some extra channels might not be available with certain promotions and deals. Also, if you do choose to add another pack, it will likely add to your monthly costs, so make sure you check this first before you agree to any.

That said, you do get quite a lot of TV channels without any add-ons. To see for yourself you can take a look at the latest listings across all Sky's TV packages here.

In addition to the standard TV package, the four most popular packs Sky customers tend to select are Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Kids and TNT Sports.

You can also pick or upgrade your TV package at a later stage – and in some cases other streaming services – including subscriptions to Disney Plus and Paramount Plus.

Sky also gives opportunities to add a better viewing experience with these bundles. This can come in the form of upgrading the screen quality to HD and/or Ultra HD and you can have the ability to have this function across multiple TVs in your home. These options can essentially be bolted on at an additional cost to your monthly price.

You can find out more about this in our best Sky TV deals and bundles guide.

Sky Broadband and TV deals: FAQ

Sky TV channels
Sky TV channels

Getting the best Sky Broadband and TV deals can also depend on knowing what the top features and extras are that you can enjoy when there’s a promotion that catches your eye.

So here we’ve answered some of the most common queries asked about Sky TV and broadband to help you determine how to get the most bang for your buck.

How long will my Sky TV and broadband contract last?

Sky now only offers 18-month contracts for its broadband and TV. However, if you’re an existing customer, you may be able to discuss different rolling options when an existing contract is ending.

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q is now the main TV service offered by Sky and it’s delivered via one of its set top boxes that you connect to your Sky dish, TV and internet. There’s the Sky Q1TB box and the 2TB, the name being in reference to the amount of download storage you can have with it. The 1TB works out at about 150 hours of UHD downloads.

With Sky Q you can also browse all the channels you have in your TV package, use streaming services, record your favourite shows, pause live TV and even browse online.

What is Sky Glass?

Sky Glass is Sky’s latest innovation and requires you to get a Sky Glass TV that you connect to your Wi-Fi and then use to stream all your Sky services. The TV can also be controlled remotely and has voice commands and motion sensors.

What is the Sky Stream ‘Puck’?

If you opt for Sky Stream, this is delivered through its tiny and incredibly discreet ‘Puck’. Once you plug it in, the 2 x 11cm device connects to your WiFi and then you attach it via a HDMI cable to your TV to begin enjoying your chosen Sky TV package. You also get a voice-controlled remote with it and it can support 4K HDR streaming.

What are the latest Sky Broadband and TV add-ons?

While you can of course tailor the TV channel packages you want when making a Sky TV bundle, there are also some other optional add-ons to choose from - although also at an additional monthly cost. Two of the latest are:

  • UHD & Dolby Atmos - which gives an ‘immersive cinematic experience’, but it can only be added to Sky Entertainment, Cinema and/or Sports packages.

  • Ad Skipping - on a 31-day rolling cost you can pay to skip ads on Sky’s Restart, Playlist and On Demand services.

  • Netflix package upgrades - if you are offered Netflix with your Sky TV and broadband bundle, it will invariably be the ‘basic’ package. But you can pay to upgrade to the higher plans.

What extra features can you get with a Sky Broadband and TV bundle?

Alongside Sky’s award-winning entertainment packages and reliable broadband, there are lots of other great features you can get. These include:

  • Sky Talk – its home phone service.

  • Sky Pay As You Talk – a phone service that you only pay for when you use it.

  • Sky Talk Shield – a function that allows you to block unwanted calls and numbers.

  • Sky Broadband Shield – additional online security protection for Sky Broadband users.

  • Sky Broadband Boost – an upgrade package giving you features like a Wi-Fi dropout protection guarantee and daily checks from Sky on your internet line.

  • Sky WiFi – an app that lets Sky Broadband customers connect for free to Sky’s UK-wide Wi-Fi hotspots.

  • Sky Broadband Hub – Sky’s class-leading router that can allow up to 64 devices to connect to it.

  • Sky Protect - you may be offered Sky's latest home insurance product that has a specific focus on protecting smart tech, this is also 5-star Defaqto rated.

  • ‘Wall to Wall’ broadband guarantee - for each broadband tariff Sky offers this promise that you’ll get guaranteed minimum speeds throughout your property. If you don’t it promises you your ‘money back’.

Are Sky’s deals open to existing customers?

The short answer is yes, but not always! Sky’s Broadband and TV deals can range from exclusives for new customers only, to universal offers to entice customers to extend their contracts.

The simple thing to do is simply check with Sky directly if it’s not completely clear on any deal that interests you. It also might be the case that when you speak to their customer services that you're able to negotiate a new deal, or alter an existing one.

More reasons to choose Sky for your broadband and TV

If all the above isn’t enough to make up your mind, it’s worth remembering that Sky is one of the most popular broadband and TV providers and millions of customers use its services every day - so it must be doing something right!

Alongside the many positive aspects we’ve discussed in this guide, like its choice of broadband speeds and its huge entertainment range, another big draw is its reliability. This is largely down to the fact Sky uses the trusty Openreach network to supply its broadband, but also its worth pointing out that satellite TV systems have been the preference of many for decades now.

In addition to this, if you do experience downtime with either of your broadband and TV services, Sky tends to get its team on the case quickly and invariably resolves these issues within a short timeframe.

Comparing Sky with the rest of the market

All of the above should be able to give you a better understanding of what’s on offer with a Sky Broadband and TV bundle, but if you’d like to see how its packages compare with the rest of the market, be sure to read our guide to the best broadband and TV bundle deals.

Equally, you may wish to see how Sky’s broadband in isolation measures up against other providers, which you can do with our guide to the best broadband deals.

Compare Sky TV & broadband deals