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Banish All World Cup Tweets from Your Twitter with the Click of This Button

Jason O. Gilbert
Technology Editor
June 16, 2014

The World Cup is only a few days old, but tweets about it are already fairly overwhelming. If you’re looking for a way to reclaim your Twitter without unfollowing Cup-crazy friends or resorting to byzantine keyword blocking, a new Chrome extension called Halftime might just do the trick.

The Halftime logo. Fitting. (Halftime)

Halftime is the product of Parham Saidi and Ali Tehrani, two London-based developers. Once you install Halftime, you’ll see a new option in your settings on Twitter.com to “Hide Football.” If you click it, all the soccer-related tweets should disappear instantly. Should you get a hankering for some World Cup Twitter, clicking “Show football” will resurrect the tweets.

Below, I hide soccer tweets from HuffPost Sports and writer Dan Nosowitz. Sorry, guys.

The Chrome extension isn’t perfect. Some World Cup tweets — especially those that are just single words or phrases spewed out via Twitter without any context whatsoever — will still manage to sneak through. But for those looking for a quick, free, and painless way to zap away the World Cup in their Twitter feeds, Halftime represents a solid start.

You can install Halftime for Google Chrome here

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