Arctis Nova Pro Wireless White Review

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless White Review
Arctis Nova Pro Wireless White Review

SteelSeries has finally released the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless in a pure white colorway. What was once only available in black is now available in a pristine white, giving those who want both a flagship gaming headphone experience and the cleanest color the ultimate product. That is, at least on paper. How did the white variant of the Nova Pro Wireless hold up during my testing? Here is my review.

Must-have features

Unsurprisingly, when you look beyond the color change, the features remain the same. I’m happy to report that SteelSeries remains on top of the foodchain when it comes to flagship gaming headsets, with the 10/10-earning Nova Pro Wireless still shining brightly. Feature highlights include the impressive Active Noise Cancellation, Multi-System Connect Hub, Dual-Battery System, and Sonar Audio Software Suite. For the highest quality audio solution, with the exception of the average-tier microphone, the Nova Pro Wireless remains the top choice in this category, assuming buyers have the budget.

Still on top

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless White Review
Arctis Nova Pro Wireless White Review

In recent years, SteelSeries has perfected its signature sound with the Nova Pro Wireless capable of delivering accurate audio in competitive titles like CS: GO 2 and Valorant, while also providing impressive outputs in cinematic single-player titles like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Stellar Blade. It satisfies in all areas of gaming, and is also fantastic for music and movie listening. It does it all, which makes the RRP a little easier to swallow.

The weaker point

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless White Review
Arctis Nova Pro Wireless White Review

As mentioned earlier, the microphone lets down the otherwise top-tier Nova Pro Wireless. While the mic is fine for coordinating with teammates, I would hesitate to use it during livestreams where audio is one of the biggest factors in attracting and retaining an audience.

Console players enamored with the thought of using Sonar Audio Suite to tune their sound will be disappointed to learn that the software is only available on PC. With that said, I found the Nova Pro Wireless to sound great out of the box and would advise all but the most passionate audiophiles to tweak the listening experience.

Final Verdict

At $349.99, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless in white is obviously expensive. When you compare it to the competition, it’s clear that SteelSeries is charging a premium. However, the company is justifying the RRP with premium features that are either unavailable on other headsets, or poorly implemented. For those who can invest, the Nova Pro Wireless remains the top, 10/10 choice which is now available in white.

The white color might be a minor factor but, for those who have been waiting for another option, I’m happy to say that the white looks great in person and the finish hasn’t deteriorated in the weeks that I’ve been testing. It’s a very clean product that will please those embracing the more modern, white aesthetic.

Positives and Negatives

  • White color looks fantastic

  • High-quality audio performance

  • Impressive ANC

  • Multi-system compatibility

  • Dual-Battery system is great for battery life

  • Average mic quality

  • Sonar Audio Suite only works on PC


Disclosure: Review sample provided by SteelSeries.

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