Amazon’s Fallout Show Confirmed for 2024 With a New LA Vault

Promo picture for Amazon's Fallout streaming series
Promo picture for Amazon's Fallout streaming series

After months of speculation, Amazon’s Fallout show is confirmed for Prime Video in 2024. The upcoming small-screen adaptation of Bethesda’s wildly successful Fallout franchise will be set in Los Angeles, home of the never-before-seen Vault 33.

Amazon’s Fallout show comes to Prime Video in 2024 with the all-new, LA-based Vault 33

After years of secrecy about its highly anticipated Fallout streaming series, Amazon has announced that the show will arrive on Prime Video in 2024. The announcement came in a tweet from the official Prime Video account, which featured a picture of the iconic Pip-Boy over a retro ad for Los Angeles. It will be set — at least partially — in Vault 33, an entirely new location for the franchise.

The announcement of the Fallout show’s release window came only hours after a sneak peek at this year’s Gamescom. According to GamesRadar, Todd Howard presented a brief first look at the show following Bethesda’s Starfield demo yesterday. The short teaser — which showcased Brotherhood of Steel soldiers and a shootout featuring a pistol-packing mutant — isn’t currently planned for a wider release. While this teaser likely won’t be released online, Howard did tell the attendees that a larger look at the show would be coming soon.

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While some franchise fans remain skeptical about Fallout’s small-screen adaptation, Amazon looks to be going to great lengths to ensure that it stays true to the games that inspired it. It was confirmed in late 2022 that, although the show takes place in the same universe as the games, the Fallout TV series will tell an original story.

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