Aaron Paul's Voice Is Taking Control of Xbox Consoles Across the Country


Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul stars in a brand new Xbox One TV commercial that highlights one of the console’s main features, its Kinect voice commands. Of course, this might be a strange choice for Microsoft considering the ad is basically promoting the Kinect-less cheaper console that starts at $399.99. While the ad is supposed to be simple and to-the-point, users will quickly find out that it comes with a side-effect that gets more annoying each time you watch it.

Because Paul actually uses Kinect commands during the ad, many Xbox One users have noticed that their Kinects can actually pick them up and act accordingly. When Paul says “Xbox On” in the ad on TV, the Kinect will turn on the Xbox One, BBC reports.

Many Xbox One users took to Twitter and Reddit to reveal the new ad kept turning on their consoles. “@Xbox, your new TC advert is annoying the hell outta me. Aaron Paul keeps turning my console on… #stooooop,” Twitter users Tom Neal wrote.

Obviously, the Kinect sensor can be turned off to avoid such annoyances, although that defeats the whole purpose of being able to shout commands at your console from across the room. But as annoying as the new ads are, they certainly have plenty of people talking about the Xbox One — and Microsoft needs all the buzz it can get.

Thinking outside of the box, some gamers managed to turn this particular Xbox One feature into a nightmare for fellow players during multiplayer games, fooling them into turning the consoles off with help of Kinect, as seen in this video.

Paul’s new Xbox One ads follow below.

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