8 Snapchat pranks you can pull off from the comfort of your phone


With Snapchat, you can nail April Fools' Day from the comfort of your own phone.

The app, aside from being a great way to transform yourself into a cartoon dog, is a veritable prank playground — and after April Fools' Day, the evidence will be gone forever.

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Snap away, millennials.

1. Snap a picture of a beach stock photo, then pretend you're on vacation.

Image: youtube/howtoprankitup

Your acquaintances will wish they were at the real, not fake beach with you.

2. Confess a "big secret" in a one-second Snap.

Image: mashable/chloe bryan

They'll know something happened, but they won't be sure what.

3. Tell lots of people you're going to take their photo, then take a video instead.

Then, create the ultimate April Fool's Day snap story.

4. Take selfies near people so they think you're photographing them.

Just be prepared for retaliation.

5. Announce a fake engagement in your Snap Story.

Image: snapchat/lira mercer

If you can't find a ring, just use a celebrity Snap.

6. Announce your fake birthday in your Snap Story.

Image: mashable/jonathan keshishoglou

And rake in the congratulatory Facebook posts.

7. Send a Snap that looks like it's for someone else.

Image: mashable/chloe bryan

Sit back and wait for the confused responses — or for someone to appear at your home with a bag of fertilizer.

8. Make viewers think their phone volume is broken by mouthing your words.

Tee hee.