8 Companies Warning Their Employees to Stay Away From ChatGPT

Image:  hanoniki, Sundry Photography, Kristi Blokhin (Shutterstock)
Image: hanoniki, Sundry Photography, Kristi Blokhin (Shutterstock)
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As the artificial intelligence wave continues to pick up steam, there are plenty of organizations looking to cash in—while others are being more careful. While chatbots like ChatGPT can be a miracle assistant for some, companies that hold proprietary code or sensitive customer information need to be more careful. When a user inputs data into a large language model like ChatGPT, that data can get sent back to the model so it can improve itself. While OpenAI CEO Sam Altman claimed that ChatGPT won’t use customer inputs for training, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Image:  hanohiki (Shutterstock)
Image: hanohiki (Shutterstock)

While the tech giant builds its own, rival large language model, Apple has forbidden employees from using ChatGPT for work according to internal documents. Apple is also prohibiting employees form using the Microsoft-owned GitHub Copilot, an AI code writer.


Image:  Sundry Photography (Shutterstock)
Image: Sundry Photography (Shutterstock)

Amazon was one of the first big tech companies to ban employee use of ChatGPT earlier this year after a company lawyer reportedly informed employees of data that resembled Amazon code that was spotted in ChatGPT responses. According to screenshots of Slack messages reviewed by Insider, the Amazon lawyer specifically requested that employees not share “any Amazon confidential information (including Amazon code you are working on)” with ChatGPT.


Image:  Sundry Photography (Shutterstock)
Image: Sundry Photography (Shutterstock)

A leaked memo from Walmart told employees not to share any company information with the viral chatbot according to Insider. The company’s technology and software team Walmart Global Tech released the memo, also urging employees to thoroughly review any outputs from the AI.

JPMorgan Chase

Image:  Lewis Tse (Shutterstock)
Image: Lewis Tse (Shutterstock)

In February, banking giant JPMorgan Chase warned employees not to use ChatGPT according to CNN Business.


Image:  Mahony (Shutterstock)
Image: Mahony (Shutterstock)

Samsung reportedly banned most common generative AI in a sweeping motion this May according to Bloomberg. The company has specifically restricted employee use of ChatGPT, Google Bard, and the AI-enhanced Bing after an employee uploaded sensitive information to ChatGPT.

Wells Fargo

Image:  Kristi Blokhin (Shutterstock)
Image: Kristi Blokhin (Shutterstock)

Wells Fargo told Forbes that it would be “imposing usage limits” on ChatGPT for employees while it evaluates the safest ways to engage with the technology.


Image:  Ascannio (Shutterstock)
Image: Ascannio (Shutterstock)

Verizon has barred ChatGPT from its corporate systems according to IBL News. The company claims that it could put sensitive customer data like phone numbers and addresses in jeopardy.

Northrop Grumman

Image:  Wirestock Creators (Shutterstock)
Image: Wirestock Creators (Shutterstock)

Aerospace and defense tech company Northrop Grumman told The Wall Street Journal that employees would not be able to use tools like ChatGPT in their work. The company told the outlet that it was limiting employee use until the tech is fully vetted.

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