7 best Souls-like games on Xbox and PC in 2024

 Thumbnail image of code vein, Remnat 2 and lords of the fallen.
Thumbnail image of code vein, Remnat 2 and lords of the fallen.

Let's discuss the top seven Souls-Likes for 2024! If it's your first time exploring what a Souls-Like can offer, let me explain a few basics. A Souls-Like is a game influenced by the Dark Souls series and Demons Souls created by FromSoftware.

The games often have high difficulty levels, unique storytelling structures, and distinctive NPCs. The story of a Souls-like is typically told through item descriptions and NPC interactions. The mechanics incorporate a rouge-like style, starting from the beginning of the level where there is a bonfire present.

7. Code Vein

Image from Code Vein: anime-styled hero goes to battle.
Image from Code Vein: anime-styled hero goes to battle.

Do you like vampires? Do you like Bloodborne? Imagine the two fused in this open-world soul-inspired environment, utilizing your Vampiric abilities and weapons to defeat enemies. Fight through a mystical world with mysteries to solve and a story to be told in each layer of the game; this is a Souls-like you won't want to miss out on.

The fact that this game is so fast-paced puts this title in the same Vein as Elden Ring for the movement and Bloodborne for the aggressive attack style. Blood Codes also bring a more Souls-like vibe to this game's overall feel and style. You start with three codes (fighter, caster, and ranger), and then you can obtain more as the game progresses.

Overall, this is a game I would highly recommend checking out if you're into faster-paced Souls-likes with great stories and cool-looking bosses.

Code Vein

An action role-playing game developed by Bandi Namco Studios. It was released on September 27th, 2019 for PS4, Windows and Xbox One

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6. Remnant 2

image of character from remnant 2
image of character from remnant 2

Think of Dark Souls, but with guns, the ultimate wish of any Souls player. This game creates an immersive shooter that primarily deals in co-op but can be played as a single-player. Classic Souls themes include weight management, utilizing the right weapon for the right circumstances, and paying attention to your surroundings because, much like any Souls game, paying attention to detail is critical.

With its linear yet open-world style, this is the perfect game for someone just getting into Souls games. Lies of P is also a great starting point, but I'll talk about that title in a bit on this list. While somewhat challenging, the bosses are fun and diverse in their attacks and how the player can approach them, which stays true to the concept of a Souls game where every boss can be tackled subjectively.

Remnant: 2

A third-person shooter action-role-playing game developed by Gunfire Games for PS5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.

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5. Lies of P

picture of a boss from lies of p
picture of a boss from lies of p

So, you know how I said Lies of P is also an excellent starter for beginner Souls players? This game has beautifully crafted bosses, a guided visceral attacking system, and a story that will break your heart. Lies of P is a twist on the world of Souls-likes, with its linear story and capturing the essence of what a Soul's game is.

From learning the character's move sets to understanding what buffs work best for the player, Lies of P delivers a unique experience right out of the gate. Players will learn the Souls mechanics with the right amount of hand-holding needed. While some bosses are more challenging than others, it offers a nice Souls-like balance, delivering on the rouge aspects while making a name for itself in the genre by providing different concepts and ways to look at Souls-like in terms of combat and storytelling devices.

Lies of P

A Souls-action adventure game developed by Neowiz, The game was released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows, and macOS on September 18th, and PlayStation 5 on September 19, 2023

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4. Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

picture of a boss from ender lilies
picture of a boss from ender lilies

I bring the first Souls-Vania (besides Blasphemous); Ender Lilies is a Souls-like Metroidvania platformer in many ways. From the music to how the characters and items are constructed to the resting points. Ender Lilies is a beautiful Souls Like that creates an immersion and haunting atmosphere for the player from start to finish.

From tricky mechanics during boss battles to a hauntingly melodic score in every way, Ender Lilies creates this beautifully disturbing atmosphere, taking inspiration from the Souls games. Each area has creatures that will respawn if you die and a heartfelt story coating the seams that hold this game together.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knight

A Metriod-Vania role-playing platform game developed by Adglobe and Live Wire for PS4, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch

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3. Wu Long: Fallen Dynasty

picture of a fight from wo long
picture of a fight from wo long

This is a unique game that mixes elements of being Souls-like and being much like Sekiro (Sekiro, though made by From Software, is not a Souls-like game).
Wo Long incorporates a strong story based on China's history, rewarding combat and using spells to spice things up. This is a different type of soul-like, but if you want something combining great combat like Sekiro and what is already there from Nioh 1&2, you're in for a treat!

The gameplay is complex and refreshing, showcasing a fast play style and spell use that seamlessly blends with what the typical Souls-like is and the new style of magic used throughout the game. It allows you to incinerate enemies and creates fun and immersive gameplay.

Wo Long: Fallen Destiny

A historical fantasy action role-playing game. Developed by Team Ninja,  Wo Long: Fallen Destiny was released on Playstation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

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2. Blasphemous

scene from Blasphemous lifting a bloody bucket
scene from Blasphemous lifting a bloody bucket

This Souls-like brings beautiful morbidity to gaming: the art, the boss fights, and how the game is presented to the player. The graphics hold a nostalgic feel close, and it feels like I'm playing a game from the late 90's. For those who want an excellent Souls-like to dive into and a time capsule, give this game a go!

The mechanics and certain puzzles made this game stand out in how simply the game is delivered, and the story can resonate deeply. This might be a hot take, but in some ways, this game reminds me of Silent Hill in its creepy aesthetic and item collection.


A Metriodvenia game developed by The Game Kitchen. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 10, 2019.

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1. Hollow Knight

scene from hollow knight, at the start of the game
scene from hollow knight, at the start of the game

With respawns at checkpoints and benches being your bonfire, Hollow Knight is another Metroidvenia on the list that imbues a Souls-like aura. With little ghosts of yourself, adorable NPCs, and simply breathtaking music, Hollow Knight is like a warm, chaotic blanket ready to hold the player. 

With chaotic bosses and enchanting music that sings like a lullaby,  Hollow Knight takes the player through tricky platforming sections while enemies coat the areas you're traversing.

Hollow Knight

A Metroidvania game developed by Team Cherry. The game is on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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Ideally, Souls-Likes creates a world where the player must figure out the story for themselves with minimal guidance or instructions upon entering the game. Going into some of the best Xbox games such as these, we, as the players, must toss out everything we know and play by its rules. Souls and Souls-likes are challenging and fun and teach us that it's okay to lose as long as we keep fighting.