7 Awesome Tablet Cases for Kids

Yahoo TechMarch 28, 2014

By Anthony Domanico, LAPTOP Magazine

Parents know the incessant whine as a child begs to use the family tablet. Parents also know little hands will immediately drop electronic devices, spill things or otherwise wreak havoc the second their fingers touch the screen. Even if you happen to have an extra tablet for Junior, you’ll want to invest in a case that keeps the kids entertained and protects the tablet from certain destruction. Here is our list of top kid-friendly cases that should offer you some peace of mind.

Lego Builder Case for iPad mini ($59.99)

What kid (and what adult, really?) doesn’t love legos, the interlocking blocks that let you create structures, creatures and all kinds of other imaginative things? Made by Belkin, the Lego Builder Case for the iPad mini and mini with Retina display protects the tablet from bumps and bruises. Plus, it has an official blue LEGO backplate your child can use to build cool things. Choose from yellow, red or green shells.

KaZoo Case for iPad mini ($39.99)

For younger kids, animal prints tend to be a big hit. Griffin’s KaZoo case for iPad mini and mini with Retina display transforms a tablet into a giraffe or a panda. The KaZoo case has wide feet that let the case stand up on its own to make watching videos easy. This stance also gives a slight angle when laying down so that it’s easy for your child to draw or interact with on-screen content. A matching stylus, sold separately, fits neatly into a hole at the bottom of the feet so your child doesn’t lose it while playing.

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Lifeproof Nuud Case for iPad Air/4/3/2/mini ($109)

What if you could put your iPad in a box that protected it from basically everything bad you can imagine? That’s where the Lifeproof case comes in. While pricey, Lifeproof is waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof, and can safely withstand anything your child can throw at it and live to see another day. Best of all, the case is lightweight and only adds minimal heft to a slim tablet, and there’s versions for the iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad 4/3/2, each with two models to choose from.

iGuy for iPad ($39.95)

Another fun little iPad case is Speck’s iGuy, a tablet case with arms that make it easy to hold the tablet and legs that prop it up for easy media viewing. You don’t get the same cute zoo animals like you do with the KaZoo case, but iGuy is arguably just as fun for your little ones and has EVA foam protection so it will withstand most drops. iGuy is available for all iPad models, from the iPad Air to the mini and older variants of each, with multiple colors from which to choose.

Otterbox Defender Series ($70)

Otterbox makes some pretty rugged cases for phones and tablets alike, and the Otterbox Defender is our favorite of the bunch. The Defender has multiple layers of protection that keep your tablet safe from drops, bumps and shock, and comes with a stand to help prop your tablet up for viewing content. The Defender has models for several tablets for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series, Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets and the iPad line.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn case for iPad ($33.29)

For the younger tykes, the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn case for the iPad is a great option that locks your iPad in a spit- and drool-free case so your baby doesn’t destroy your tablet. The case is decorated with letters and numbers your little one can press to interact with things on screen, and rattle beads up top will entertain your child even when the iPad isn’t around. You’ll also get free downloads of Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Apps from the App store. The only downside is the case is only for the iPad 4 and older; the company has yet to make one for the iPad Air or iPad mini.

Incipio Fire Truck Kids Case for Kindle Fire HD 7” ($24.99)

Fire trucks are a hit with boys and girls alike, so why not make a tablet case that looks like a fire truck from behind? That’s what Incipio did with its fire truck case for the Kindle Fire HD 7” tablet, which is made of high density silicone that will offer basic protection against bumps and drops. With the Firetruck case, your child may just play with the back of the tablet more than they do the front.

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