5 Ways to Free Your Photos from Your Phone

There was a time when taking photos was something a few people did as a hobby while the rest of us just wished we could. Then the smartphone happened, and now we all take pictures all the time. Like those typing monkeys, even crap photographers will eventually — if they take enough photos — produce something good enough to hang on the wall (or at least show their mothers).

But then what? Do you just leave all those photos on your phone until some unsuspecting fool innocently asks if you happen to have a picture of your kids?

You can do better than that. To help you manage that massive collection of photos you’re currently digi-hoarding (and make room on your phone for new ones), I rounded up some photo-centric deals that’ll help you take the next step with all those pictures.



You take pictures of everything: the kids, the sunset, your garden, that incredible meal you cooked, and every minute of your trip to Iceland. Why not turn some of them into collections and print them into photo books you can drop on the coffee table? Or print images of your best meals on canvas and put them on the kitchen wall? You could even turn your adorbs little offspring in their Halloween costumes into holiday cards so everyone can witness their cuteness. Mixbook lets you take those photos and — in just a few minutes online — turn them into physical objects you can enjoy and share. I got you 10 free holiday cards. Use the code YTDS10.



You know those greeting cards that travel around the office or school collecting signatures every time someone gets married, has a baby, or moves on to a better job? Isn’t it strange that that still happens with an old-school printed card, with a pen and someone to keep track of it? ThoughtOfU (which launched just last week) automates that whole rigmarole while also letting you add your own photos to the card to make it more personal and relevant. One person buys and designs the card and enters the email addresses of everyone that should sign it. You can even spread the cost of the card out over the entire group. ThoughtOfU does the rest, collecting the signatures and good wishes, printing the card, and sending it to the lucky recipient. I got you your first five cards free. (For shared-payment cards, the initiator’s cost will be waived.) Use the code GROUPFIE20 before Nov. 8, 2015.



How much time do you waste deleting photos from your phone? Yep, me too. And when I do delete them, I’m never 100 percent sure I have a good backup or where that copy might be. The problem just gets worse every time I get a new phone or tablet. Multiply that by everyone in my family and we are all losing a lot of time — and photos. That frustration is what drove the makers of Bevy to build this thing. It sits in your house, connected to your network, collecting photos from any phone or tablet you connect to it and storing them where everyone in the family can have at them. I got you $50 off the retail price ($299) of the 1TB model. Use the code Yahoo50 before Oct. 30.

Room for More


Whatever else you do with your photos and videos, the Room for More app gives you an easy way to clear that storage space they’re consuming on your phone. Just choose a bunch of photos in the app, then hit the Move button: They are now stored in the cloud. But Room for More doesn’t just back them up online. It also clears them off your phone in one sweep. Don’t worry. You can always restore them from your private storage space on the Web if you really want to. Every account comes with 1GB of cloud storage; after that, you pay 15 cents per GB. I got you 5GB of additional storage: Just sign up from this link and you’ll start out with 6GB.