38 New Emoji Are Set to Premiere Next Year. See the Full List Here.


A sample of the new emoji coming next year. Clockwise from top left: Selfie, bacon, wilted flower, man dancing, “call me” hand, and glasses clinking. (Illustration: Kevin McCauley for Yahoo News)

Thirty-eight brand new emoji are coming in 2016.

The Unicode Consortium — a little-known Mountain View, California-based organization that standardizes characters and emoji across all the different operating systems — has gifted us with yet another batch of the popular pictographs, including a wilted flower, bacon, and a symbol for the word “selfie.” Yahoo Tech has learned that earlier this month the consortium’s emoji subcommittee finalized the additions and submitted them to members for a vote of approval. The new emoji will be added to the existing set in June 2016 as part of the Unicode 9.0 update if all goes according to plan.

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This decision comes just a month after the unveiling of Unicode 8.0, which updates the existing emoji set with varied skin tones, a taco, and a unicorn, among many other symbols. Though companies like Apple and Microsoft have already begun integrating parts of 8.0 into their operating systems, the UC will finalize the update next month. After that, most major tech companies are expected to add the new emoji to their operating systems.

Below is the complete set of emoji that the consortium plans to approve in June 2016. Personally, I find it pretty heartbreaking that we have to wait a whole year for an avocado emoji.

·      Face with cowboy hat

·      Clown face

·      Nauseated face

·      Rolling on the floor laughing

·      Drooling face

·      Lying face

·      “Call me” hand

·      Selfie

·      Raised back of hand

·      Left-facing fist

·      Right-facing fist

·      Handshake

·      Hand with first and index finger crossed

·      Pregnant woman

·      Face palm

·      Shrug

·      Man dancing

·      Prince

·      Man in tuxedo

·      Mother Christmas

·      Wilted flower

·      Scooter

·      Motor scooter

·      Octagonal sign

·      Clinking glasses

·      Black heart

·      Croissant

·      Avocado

·      Cucumber

·      Bacon

·      Potato

·      Carrot

·      Fox face

·      Eagle

·      Duck

·      Bat

·      Shark

·      Owl

We should note that some of these were considered for Unicode 8.0, inspiring Gawker to imagine what they look like. Yahoo UK helped influence two choices, the owl and the glasses clinking, as well.

To learn more about the complex inner workings of the organization that controls these popular little symbols, read my report on the heated world of emoji lobbyists.

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