18-Year Old GTA 6 Hacker Sentenced To Life In Hospital Prison

Robbers break into a store with guns.
Robbers break into a store with guns.

The 18-year old hacker responsible for stealing and releasing dozens of clips of Grand Theft Auto 6 last year has been sentenced to life in hospital prison. He can only be released in the future if doctors decide he’s no longer a danger to others, the BBC reports.

Arion Kurtaj was arrested by London police in Oxford September 2022 shortly after a hacking spree ended with tons of in-development footage from Rockstar Games being unleashed on the internet. He pled not-guilty at the time, and later stood trial for cybercrimes associated with the hacking outfit Lapsus$ that included breaching Uber and Nvidia in addition to leaking the previously unrevealed blockbuster, GTA 6.

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