10 iPhones That Are in Way Worse Shape Than Yours

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

Dropped your iPhone? Chipped the sides? Cracked the screen? Well, we have a little therapy for you. Here are 10 iPhones that are just in way, way poorer shape than yours is.

Remember, it could always be worse. Much worse. 

1. The owner of this iPhone was exercising at the gym when she dropped it onto the treadmill belt. Oof.

(Image: Reddit/tstone11)

2. The young man wielding a rifle here may be a sharpshooter, but that’s probably where his cunning ends. In this video, you can watch him, for some reason, put a bullet through his hours-old iPhone 4s.

(Image: Youtube/mymomentummedia)

3. Here we have a disgruntled AT&T user who blasted his old iPhone with a robot-fire-laser thingy after switching to Verizon.

(Image: YouTube/TheRhoneycutt)

4. The owner of this now-fried iPhone told Mashable that it melted while charging overnight.

(Images: Mashable)

5. This iPhone 5c never saw it coming. Here’s the rather gory video that shows it being cut in half.

(Image: YouTube/dOvetastic)

6. An investigative gadget journalist decided to examine the integrity of an iPhone 5 with something called a “gasoline test.”

(Image: YouTube/TechRax)

7. A photo album composed by Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild features some great pictures of beautifully destroyed Apple products, including iPhones.

(Image: fubiz.com/Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild)

8. How about the gunshot/gas burning Double Dutch? You know, just to make sure.

(Image: YouTube/Hyperplasia07)

9. This is our buddy from the “gasoline test” earlier, now showing us a “microwave test.” Can you guess what happens?

(Image: YouTube/TechRax)

10. In what is probably the nerdiest smartphone destruction video of them all, these young men submerge an iPhone in liquid nitrogen and then smash it. 

(Image: YouTube/SOLtheAGGIE)

Your damaged iPhone doesn’t look so bad now, does it?

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