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  • Anxious Ukrainians react to Biden's prediction on Russian invasion

    On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky assured his people that a Russian invasion was not imminent, despite media “sources of mass hysteria.” Hours later, President Biden sounded a very different tune about Vladimir Putin’s intentions, one that made Ukrainians anxious.

  • Tucker Carlson gets called out by Alexander Vindman for 'fanboying over authoritarianism'

    Carlson defended Russia’s aggressive stance toward Ukraine following months of praising Hungary’s authoritarian government.

  • Alexander Vindman claims Tucker Carlson contributed to Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine

    On All In With Chris Hayes Wednesday, retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, who served as Director of European Affairs for the National Security Council under former President Trump, placed some of the blame on his former boss for Russia’s recent increased aggression towards Ukraine, with an invasion now appearing imminent. “It’s mainly because of a sense of opportunity, a sense of weakness within the United States. I have every reason to believe that if we had not had [an] insurrection on January 6th, because President Trump, President Putin would not believe that there's an opportunity, there’s a vulnerability in the United States. The hyper-polarization that Trump continues to nourish in the United States helps.” Vindman also pointed a finger at Fox News opinion host, Tucker Carlson, who defended Russia on his show on Tuesday. Carlson also recently praised Hungary’s authoritarian leader Viktor Obán. “He (Putin) has major talking heads on Fox News, like Tucker Carlson, pandering to his interests, pandering to — drawing false equivalencies between the U.S. and Russia,” Vindman said. “Really kind of fanboying over authoritarianism.”

  • 'A job not yet finished': 5 takeaways from Biden's press conference

    By turns blustery and defiant, reflective and hopeful, President Biden used just the second press conference of his presidency on U.S. soil to argue that his administration has hardly been the moribund and aimless affair depicted by Republicans and in some media reports.

  • Senator says Putin invading Ukraine 'could end up leading to Russia's downfall'

    Chris Murphy said Putin is getting “horrible advice” and believes he’ll be greeted as a liberator if Russia invades Ukraine, but that’s not the case.

  • Senator claims Russia invading Ukraine would be 'biggest mistake' of Putin’s career

    As Russia appears poised to invade Ukraine, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) joined Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday where he said that Russian President Vladimir Putin may not know what he could be getting himself into. “There is going to be continued U.S. assistance, assistance to an army that’s ready to fight and a population that is not just going to let Russia march into the center of Ukraine,” Murphy said. “Putin seems to be getting absolutely horrible advice. People telling him he is going to be greeted as some kind of liberator in a country that has turned against Russia over the last ten years and is going to fight for its survival.” In 2014, Russia invaded Crimea, a very pro-Russia part of Ukraine, with little push-back. But Murphy said that things wouldn’t be so easy this time with the rest of Ukraine. Murphy said that 60 to 70 percent of Ukrainian citizens now favor joining NATO, exactly what Putin is trying to stop. Murphy believes that if they were to invade, it could be catastrophic for Russia, equating it to Russia’s failed invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s. “This, to me, would be the biggest mistake of Vladimir Putin's career. He will get bogged down inside Ukraine just like his predecessors got bogged down in Afghanistan in 1980 and 1981,” Murphy said. “Ukrainians are gonna fight for their lives. There will be a long term counterinsurgency. It will be bloody, it will be drawn out, and it will be a black mark on Russia that could end up leading to Russia’s downfall, as the Afghanistan invasion arguably contributed to the Soviet Union’s downfall.”