pancake day

  • 13 ways with pancakes to liven up Shrove Tuesday

      Who doesn’t love Pancake Day – the one day of the year where it’s perfectly acceptable to gorge yourself on pudding pretty much all day. Once upon a time good ol’ lemon and sugar might have been the go-to topping for your Shrove Tuesday treat. But like most other things in the world of food, the ante has been upped and you won’t be surprised to find all sorts of weird and wonderful additions to your plate of pancakes. Whether you’re making them at home or off out in search of something a bit different, here are 13 ways with pancakes to liven up Shrove Tuesday

  • The French Are Flipping Out Over English Crepe ‘Massacre’

    Earlier this week a reddit user posted this picture featuring a pile of crepes carefully made by a French colleague which had been savagely destroyed.

  • Pancake Day: Why It's Quite Literally The Best Day Ever

    Valentine’s day is done and dusted, Christmas is a long-forgotten memory and even Fireworks Night seems like a long way off. But it’s OK, for the greatest British holiday* (*not really a holiday) is finally upon us - Pancake Day. And it’s no wonder we’re so excited about this peculiarly British tradition. Thoughout our childhood, we’ve been conditioned to adore pancakes, and the idea that you can only have them on this one very special of days makes it all the better.