Keep your family's passwords safe and organized

LastPass Families is a simple, secure password manager that stores and remembers your passwords for you.
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No more forgotten or mistyped passwords. Each family member has their own unique LastPass account to store passwords–and specify which they want to share-so they can log on instantly to any website, from any device.

  • Create strong passwords

    A password generator creates long, random passwords and keeps track of them, protecting your family from hackers.
  • Share safely

    Unlimited organization and sharing of passwords so everyone has access to what they need, when they need it, and nothing more.
  • Simplify online shopping

    Make checking out faster, easier and more secure by having usernames, passwords, payment and shipping details filled-in automatically.
  • Emergency Access

    The convenience of providing your family with access to important records and accounts so everyone is prepared for the unexpected.
Try it FREE for 30 days*