Yes! Sushi Transformers

Rachel Tepper Paley

YES. It’s what we say to things that are awesome. Yes.

All photos credit: Takara

Pretend you’re a kid again for five minutes, and gawk at the glory of these transforming sushi toys from Japanese company Takara.

It’s a piece of nigiri! Wait, no! It’s a robot about to save the world! With a shield made out of raw fish! The toys cost $10.99 a pop on BigBadToyStore, or $79.99 for a set of eight. You know, in case you plan on staging an epic faux-battle of TUNA VS. SHRIMP TAIL. 

Sure, it’s a little odd. But then again, so are build-your-own sushi blocks, and those are awesome. Don’t question. Just appreciate.