Would You Spend $130,000 For a Seat On This Jet? We're Not Kidding. It's a Real Thing.

Yahoo TravelMay 8, 2014

It doesn’t get more glam than the new Four Seasons jet. (Courtesy: Four Seasons)

Most of us will never set foot on a private plane, much less the fanciest private plane of all time. Still, we can dream, right?

I can smell that new plane scent from here. I am reading about the “Four Seasons Private Jet Experience,” and I want to try it.  

Have you heard about it yet? It will make you start fantasizing, too. Four Seasons, the upper-tier hotel and resort group will be operating its own Boeing-757, an aircraft that is normally outfitted for 233 passengers. This plane has been redesigned to cosset only 52 passengers (and a significant amount of staff ) at one time.  

And, because Four Seasons is a hotel company, a ride on its plane is not going to be like a ride on JetBlue, or even Virgin America Upper Class. You don’t fly on the Four Seasons black jet just to go somewhere. You fly on it for the luxurious experience. You fly on it to be pampered at cruising altitude. Cue the chefs, cue the 4,000-thread count linen placemats and napkins that are smoother than a baby’s inner thigh, the in-cabin concierge, and the singing teapot, the singing candelabra—whoops, wrong movie.

The jet’s leather-clad interior. (Courtesy: Four Seasons)

Once you’ve made your reservations, you will be hearing from your Global Guest Service Manager, who will help customize your trip to the nth degree. She will start learning all your preferences months before you come aboard. Need to book a golf game? Done. A present for your trustee? Easy.    

The plane will coddle the fortunate on some spectacular journeys – the first one will originate in Los Angeles on February 9th, 2015 at the (Four Seasons) Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Each interval sounds like an episode of “The Bachelor,” as each location is planned for ultimate tour attractions. Two lecturers are part of the staff and it looks like while you’re at 35,000 feet above sea level, they will make you smarter about what’s coming up on your itinerary.

Poolside at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. (Courtesy: Four Seasons)

Boarding your luxury airliner, your first stop is Kona Hawaii, where you spend three days at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. Visit a coffee plantation, ride in a helicopter—all arranged for you. Soak it up, come on, it’s time to get back on the plane and get to Bora Bora where you’ve already booked for a snorkeling adventure led by a marine biologist!

But don’t get too comfy: it’s time to go onto a new Four Seasons in Sydney, Australia. While staying harborside, treats include a backstage tour of the legendary Opera House and a sunset dinner cruise. Soon, it’ll be flight time again, so get ready for Bali. The pace is actually about 2-4 days at each destination, so it’s very civilized … just like the people who travel by luxury jet.

A bath with a view of the Opera House at the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney. (Courtesy: Four Seasons)

(I’m wondering at this point if you can just keep some of your stuff on the plane so you don’t have to pack, unpack, repack, and so on every few days. Like a cruise … but in the air.)

After a highly scheduled 24 days (including Thailand, Mumbai, Istanbul, and finally London), it is fair to say you will have made 50 or 51 new friends or at least frenemies. Do the Pilkingtons always leave something at the hotel that they remember when you’re halfway to the airport? Why do the Armitages always bicker loudly? Does Countess Brunjardin have–um … lactose intolerance? YOU WILL GET TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER.

Cost, including all accommodations, transfers, and most meals is a mere $119,000. This is per person, double occupancy. There is an $11,000 supplement for a single room.  

We can keep dreaming … can’t we?

Lisa Birnbach got her first passport at the age of 4. An award-winning journalist, cultural commentator and bestselling author, she is best known as the author of The Official Preppy Handbook and her Lisa Birnbach College Books. She has traveled to all 50 states and promoted her last book, True Prep, in Bermuda, Tokyo, Madrid, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Paris, London, and Milan.