World Cup Party: Viva Brazil!

Alex Van Buren
Food Features Editor

Photo credit: Tarek Mourad/StockFood Illustration credit: Jennifer Fox

So the World Cup is here, featuring one of the most beautiful sports in the universe, and perhaps you’re already decked out in green-and-gold, or red-white-and-green, or good old red-white-and-blue for your favorite team.

There’s no reason not to celebrate the Best Team Ever with a little party the night before or after they play. 

Brazil is playing Croatia right now, and we promise not to update this with spoilers, but if you want to throw a last-minute “Go, Brazil!” party, you totally can. We recommend fejioada: It’s got black beans and beef, it’s party-friendly, and it’s served with rice. You can whip it up in a couple of hours and it’s even better the next day. If Brazil wins (again, no spoilers!) you can bring it into work tomorrow and gloat in the general direction of your Croatian co-workers. If you dare. 

If Brazil doesn’t win… maybe leave your triumphant dish at home. We’re liking the looks of this Food & Wine recipe, which you can actually make the same night, and which involves pork shoulder, beef, and chorizo. Save the salad for tomorrow.