World Cup Party: Viva Belgium!

Rachel Tepper Paley
July 11, 2014

Photo credit: StockFood. Illustration credit: Rachel Tepper

All of Belgium should be celebrating tonight, because its national soccer team just won a Tuesday match against Algeria at the World Cup. So give ‘em a heartfelt golf clap even if that’s not your team—and perhaps scarf down some Belgian waffles in a delicious show of good sportsmanship.

You’ve got plenty of iterations from which to choose: Go the traditional route and serve the yeasty waffles bare, or you could top them with maple-glazed bananas, bittersweet Belgian chocolate-fudge sauce, or the simplest scattering of raw in-season strawberries. For an out-of-season-but-still-delicious twist, you could fold puréed pumpkin into the batter, and add cinnamon, cloves, and ginger for a burst of autumnal sweetness. 

Of course, you can always skew savory with waffles. Try scattering thin strips of ham and sharp white cheddar on top of a sans-sugar batter as it cooks on the griddle, or serve your waffles with crispy prosciutto and a dollop of sour cream.

Whichever direction you choose, be sure to enjoy your waffle with gusto—then go back to cheering Team USA.