Why this mom is proud to show off her postpartum 'tummy flab'

Simone Olivero

“I have no intention of doing anything about anything for quite a while,” says Aliesha Watson in an Instagram post.

The mother of three recently posted a side-by-side image of her tummy two weeks postpartum to show that having a little “tummy flab” is no big deal.

“I feel very confident in my skin after this baby. Probably more so than I did with my first two & with them at this time I weighed less, had less cellulite & all my postpartum clothes fit again,” she says.

“Right now I somehow completely lost my butt, which has never happened. I’ve always had a huge butt. I have that tummy flab, cellulite through the roof & I still can’t wear any of my jeans. But I feel good about my appearance. I have no intention of doing anything about anything for quite a while.”

The young mom explains that there’s nothing wrong with the way her body looks right now and she’s never felt more proud or comfortable with her appearance.

“I feel empowered. I feel the way I think I always should have after having a baby.”

This is not the first time Watson has spoken out about common postpartum insecurities. The mother of three has also been outspoken about the importance of supporting women who have undergone caesarean births.

“I have birthed 3 children via C section,” she says in a different Instagram post. “It may not have been the same as yours but it was birth. My body was still under the stress of a body coming out of it. My body still reacted the same as yours when my placenta was detached. My body still has to ‘recover’ from months of carrying a tiny human.”

“Cesarean is still birth, it’s still just as hard & can be just as beautiful.”

Watson hopes that posting these images will help people feel something.

“This amazing body of mine is what I was given for giving life to three children. This is what I’m proud of,” she tells the Huffington Post. “This is my reminder, my trophy.”

“I would like for all postpartum mommas to realize that no matter how much their bodies have changed, they did something so hard, so exhausting, so beautiful, something they should be able to look in the mirror and be proud of.”