Why Are We Not the Most Caffeinated Nation in the World?

Sarah McColl
Editor in Chief
January 16, 2014

Look at this graph and tell me you don’t see a problem.

Image credit: Quartz (click to view larger image)

The Swiss are beating us. The Czechs are mopping the floor with us. The Dutch are smoking us so hard, it’s not even funny. What, America can’t even crack the top 15 countries in the world for coffee consumption?

Image credit: Quartz (click to view larger image)

Let’s address why you might not be doing your part: Perhaps you’ve been indoctrinated into the anti-coffee cult that has slapped the stuff with a Rizzo-like rap it just can’t shake. But none of it’s true! Coffee helps with your long-term memory, and it’s not dehydrating OR addictive OR giving you cancer.

So let’s start carrying thermoses like they do in those Stieg Larsson books, and break them out at every opportunity. Let’s reinstate the coffee date, the coffee break, the kaffeeklatsch. Next year, we ARE GOING to make it on the leaderboard.

[via Quartz]

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