The Trick to a Quick Julienne

Rachel Tepper Paley

Who doesn’t love seeing a vegetable elegantly julienned? There’s something to be said for knowing that someone put a ton of effort into something. But doing it at home can be a bear. 

Unless you have a mandoline handy, the process can drag on and on, and traditional methods tend to waste useful parts of the vegetable. 

Sliced carefully into precise strips, though, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and whatever other vegetables catch your fancy add perfectly proportioned texture to delicate, vinegary slaws, a garlicky stir-fry, or in a summery bowl of ratatouille

Have no fear, the above video is here to teach you a less wasteful, quicker way to julienne veggies. And don’t worry if knife skills aren’t your forte—this is far easier than you think.