Which Type of Alcohol Causes the Worst Hangover?

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
January 17, 2014

In what is basically the worst news we’ve ever heard, bourbon will give you more of a hangover than vodka. 

"Bourbon has eight times the congeners of gin and thirty times the congeners of vodka," reveals DNews host Anthony Carboni in the above video. What are congeners? They are the impurities that fermentation, a process involved in making any alcohol, causes. They also give alcohol its color. More congeners = more impurities = more bad feelings. More congeners also = more color, meaning dark booze will typically give you a worse hangover than an equal amount of the light stuff. Examples of dark booze:

Drinking more expensive liquor might help you out, too, for two reasons: 1. The more alcohol is filtered and distilled, the fewer impurities (a.k.a. Headache-Causing Stuff) it contains. Über-filtered alcohol also tends to be more expensive (it’s a costly process). 2. Cheap wines and liquors tend to have sugar added to them, and the more sugar you have in your booze, the closer you are to Hangoverville. (But again, the “cheaper is worse” part isn’t an exact science.

The smartest approach to drinking if you want to avoid a hangover is to “drink the most expensive vodka through a Brita pitcher, I guess,” says Carboni.

We’re going to cry over a glass of bourbon now and then feel really bad about it. And then feel even worse tomorrow morning. 

[via DNews]

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