Where'd You Get That?

Yahoo TravelJune 26, 2014

What: An intricately beaded bracelet.

Where: The Masaai Market, Nairobi (Learn more about the market here)

The Cost: $10

The Lowdown: I have a secret: Although I am a world-class shopper, sometimes I can feel overwhelmed in markets. There are so many stalls, so much stuff and everything starts to look the same after a hot minute.

This is a bit how I felt in the Masaai Market in Nairobi when I first went in 2009. I was excited — so much so, that I changed my flight so I could be there for Friday (the only day the market is open).

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So, there I was — in my market. And … I was surrounded by rows and rows of people selling their wares. It was heady stuff. I took a deep breath and dove in. After about an hour, I saw the bracelet. It was different from the touristy bracelets that they usually sell. It looked lived in. And Loved. It was also exceptionally well-made. It called my name. And so I hollered back. Twenty minutes of haggling later, the bracelet was mine.

Every time I wear it (hiding the shoe string that ties it together) people always stop me and ask me where I got such a gorgeous bracelet. And I tell them, always admonishing them to stay over in Nairobi on a Friday. Because it’s worth it. 

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